barda fasion

Burda Easy Fashion SS2011

The photos appeared on the Russian Burda website and I had to give my opinion!
There are a few pieces that I like:

burda easy fashion

burda fasion

Two drapey tops. I especially like the second one, with the gathered shoulders and the crossed sections.

easy fashion season 12

This blazer, although I guess there are better patterns in other regular Burda issues…
paunnet burda fashion week

High waisted short. Very cute, but who am I kidding? I don’t have the body to pull these off.

pauunet russian fashion week

A romantic dress. Or maybe I only like the fabric they chose?

Here’s my overall opinion: there are a few cute pieces, but there are too many variations of a very small number of patterns. Plus, they look like very basic designs (lots of elastic waistbands, for example).
It would probably be great for an absolute beginner (the instructions are also usually much better than the ones in regular Burda), but I don’t know if I will spend 5 euros for it (why is it more pricey than Burda if it contains less patterns???).
Well, to be honest, I’m afraid I’ll end up buying it anyway. When I skip an issue, I always feel like I might be missing on something, even if I have already seen the contents online. Does it happen to you too or am I the only Burda junkie?

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