puttogether dress

Swing dress the REAL Showing Party

Yes, I kinda messed up last week: Casey had postponed the final party and I hadn’t read about it. So, here are a couple more shots of my dress. I hope I’ll be able to wear it without a cardigan and tights soon… After three days of non-stop rain, it’s finally sunny today! 🙂
Even though I don’t seem in a “party” mood, I really happy with my final dress and with the sew-along in general… I learned a lot! So thanks again, Casey!
Here is a list with all the other finished dress. Go check it out!

REAL showing party dress

While I’m here writing, I want to wish a happy 150th birthday to Italy and all the best to my fellow Italians out there. Let’s hope our country is going to be better soon!

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