the unforgotton

Rooibos Dress: The unforgotten

Did it ever happen to you to make something and then (almost) completely forget about it?
That’s what happened to me with this Rooibos dress that I finished shortly before Christmas and that has been hiding in my closet for almost three months!
paunnet unforgotton

Since I made Rooibos dress in wool, it won’t get much wear anymore, since it seems like Spring is finally on its way. But of course, while taking photos, it started raining. I mean, WTF? Why do I seem to have problems every time I take my tripod outside my house?

Rooibos dress

Anyway, this is yet another love token to Colette Patterns. Another dress with many cute details: contrasting piping, the tiny collar, the shape of the pockets. I added two little buttons inspired by Gertie.
I just wish I had made it in a smaller size (why did the muslin seem to fit right?), but maybe I’ll make a summery version of it and I’ll be able to make up for this mistake. I’m also considering shortening it a few cm… Please let me know what you think!

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