Top 6 Advantages and Disadvantages of WordPress You Must Know

In the year 2003, when WordPress was introduced for the first time to the world, it was nothing more than a blogging platform. With time it has been able to garner enormous amounts of popularity from companies and brands around the world and today is considered to be the most popular CMS in the market. Spending money on WordPress development has become immensely common in the present. According to reports from various popular websites, today, WordPress powers over 34% of the total number of websites in existence. But not all of the webmasters know the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress.

WordPress can undoubtedly be referred to as the leader of the content management industry. WordPress is an easy recommendation when it comes to choosing a platform, no matter if you are doing so in-house or are taking the decision to hire WordPress developers for the same. However, that being said, You need to keep in mind, that WordPress may not prove to be equally useful for all kinds of businesses, this is the very doubt this blog is attempting to clear. This blog will provide you with a list of benefits and drawbacks of WordPress so that you can effectively arrive at a decision.

What is WordPress?

Like talked about in the previous section, WordPress had its origins in being a tool for creating and maintaining a blogging website. It was created in PHP and was based on MYSQL. It was created by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg in the year 2003.

Matt was a visual arts and political science major, who left his job at CNET and dedicated all his time and energy into building a system. That millions of businesses today are dependent on.

The widespread popularity of WordPress is apparent from the fact that itself, is available today in more than 120 languages.

Now, after the definition and background are dealt with. Let’s arrive at the primary section of this blog. The advantages and disadvantages of WordPress. Let us dive in.

Benefits of Choosing WordPress

  • It is relatively less expensive

This is the most important benefit of most of the business owners, except for the mammoth world-renowned brands. When a business is set up, in most scenarios, at the very beginning it is a start-up or a small scale one, which invariably means that their budget is limited. And even those with substantial budgets, choose to use most of it in the core functionalities of the business.

This is where WordPress, becomes an ideal option for them. Building, development, and maintenance of blog or website, created using WordPress, requires significantly lesser money than hiring a developer to build your website from scratch.

WordPress is free, comes with freely available tools, which can prove beneficial to the integral process of website creation. It also comes equipped with cost-effective quality hosting plans.

  • Huge variety of Paid and Free themes

WordPress gives you the freedom of designing your website, in a way, which you think will attract customers. WordPress comes equipped with an extensive variety of themes, the price of which goes all the way down to just $19. Also, there are many free themes available too with few restrictions.

This visual freedom and flexibility are responsible greatly for the worldwide popularity of WordPress. Today what people see is generally how they form an impression about a particular brand. This is the reason why huge names use and recommend WordPress for almost all kinds of business.

  • Websites built with WordPress are mobile-friendly

We all live in a time and age, where whenever we thing about accessing a particular website. We do not make the effort of switching on our laptops or desktops to open the website. Rather pick up our phone and with a few touches, open the website. This has hugely affected the ways in which business websites are built.

Today, when a website is built, the second thing that a developer needs to think about is creating a mobile version of it. They also need to prioritize the design of these websites, so that they can load and run smoothly on mobile phones.

The success of your business depends greatly on the success of the mobile versions of your website. WordPress solves this issue entirely and it provides developers with the ability to create a smooth and responsive mobile version of a website.

After dealing with three very crucial advantages of the WordPress CMS, let us talk a bit about the disadvantages of the system.

Drawbacks of Choosing WordPress

  • Maintenance can be challenging

Navigating through web design in WordPress can prove to be immensely challenging for a relatively new business. New businesses meaning those, who do not have any prior experience of web development and marketing using WordPress.

  • Not as free as it seems

Even though using the WordPress platform does not involve any cost, the ways in which you choose to enhance your website, like plugins and themes come at a cost. Even though individual themes are not very expensive, you cannot run a website, with just one theme. Therefore, as many themes and plugins you use, the cost of maintaining that specific website goes up.

  • Security can be an issue

Provided the fact that WordPress is the sole emperor of the world of web designing and website creation. It is oftentimes under the crosshairs of hackers and cybercriminals. WordPress’s heavy dependency on plugins and themes. Increase the probability of a hacker slipping through a virus into your website’s functionalities.


This particular blog talks about the three major advantages and disadvantages of the most popular content management system existing today. All this information hopefully has been able to provide you with a vivid idea about the system. This will now help you in arriving at a decision.

Despite the above factors, there may be some other requirement of your particular business, which will not be met if you make use of this platform. So basically it boils down to the integral needs of your business.

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