Burdastyle magazine 12/2018

I received my copy in the mail last week, so here I am, already a bit late, but ready to spew some judgment on Burda.

Before I begin, I want to mention I subscribed to Burda last year around this time, in an attempt to keep me more motivated to sew. Although I didn’t sew a single garment from a Burda pattern in these months, it did work, both as motivation and inspiration.
I wrote a lot of bad things about Burda in the past(and I’ll probably write more…), but I appreciate its value. It’s not the most practical to use (intricate pattern sheets, no seam allowance, etc.), but it still offers some good designs at a reasonable price.

Secondly, I wanted to mention that I tried something new this time! For the Italian version of the review (which I usually was too lazy to translate), I filmed a video! For anyone interested, there are English subtitles, and it’s at the bottom of this post.

The first section of the magazine is of course dedicated to the Holidays, focusing on party attire.
We have a cute sequined jacket with a mock shawl collar, followed by a rather generic top and a velvet dress with some draping at the front (that doesn’t seem to fit the model very well). Finally, another generic top, this time in jersey.

Moving on, we have two patterns for girls, a crop top and a flared skirt. A similar skirt, this time a circle, is also there for “regular” sizes.
Then, a sleeveless sack dress with a v-neck and a flounce at the bottom. This pattern is for taller sizes, and that’s pretty much the only way this could look flattering. It’is a silhouette I don’t like (also, I don’t really see the point of sleeveless winter dresses).

I love this little coat for girls with the subtle crater neckline and the rounded pockets.
The dress is cute, the pattern is quite simple, the fabric does all the work in this case.
I really like this egg-shaped coat, not particularly in this photo, with a belt. More on this pattern later on.

In theory, I like the blouse on the left: little cute collar, pleats, a bow… all elements I like, but the overall effect reads dated to me.
The collarless jacket looks pretty enough, and so does the asymmetrical skirt. Both styles aren’t a good fit for my current wardrobe, but they’re not bad at all.

Second incarnation of the sack dress. I think this softer fabric helps a bit, but it’s still not a design for me.
Then we have a cape/coat hybrid that I like. It’s dramatic and has beautiful sleeves, although it just doesn’t seem too practical or warm for everyday life.
I feel like I’ve seen this white shirt a million times…
The last blouse could be interesting, it has a scarf-like draped panel. Too bad you can’t really see anything from the photo, so you really need to look at the technical drawing and instructions for this one.

Here it is, the coat I mentioned earlier. I’ve had some thick pink boiled wool in my stash for years, and lately I’ve been thinking to make a coat like this one, so it could be a good match.
Next up, a dress with with a cute shawl collar that unfortunately has a draped panel across the waist and hips. No added volume in those areas for me, thank you!
Also, alternate versions of the cape/coat and generic top n°2, in fabrics that make them look much cuter.

We then have a sweater pattern for men and for children, which can always come in handy, the second version of the red, asymmetrical skirt, and a cute, basic pair of cigarette pants with a waistband detail I’m not too fond of (they look like pocket flaps to me).

On the left, the vintage pattern of this issue. I’m not too convinced on the kimono/batwing sleeves… I’m very, very curious to see how this design looks on a “real” woman. Nevertheless, I’m really happy they keep including vintage patterns.

And then, the designer pattern of this issue, from German brand The Pure. It’s a beautiful jumpsuit, I just wish the model was photographed standing to see the fit in the crotch area, which is a problem area with jumpsuits.


Finally, the plus size section. I find it very disappointing this month, the tent-like shirt in particular. The only pattern I’d save is the blue pants in the second photo, which feature an elasticated back waistband, so they’re also a relatively simple make.

As you MIGHT have noticed, it wasn’t an issue I fell in love with, although the egg-shaped coat alone makes it worthy for me.
Any thoughts on this issue? Will you guys buy it or make something from it?

All images in this post are from Burdastyle Ukraine, Italia and Russia.

Niente recensione scritta in italiano! Ho provato a fare un esperimento e a proporvela in versione video: