La Mia Boutique 01 2019


Here we are! New month, 40 new patterns for me to be bitchy about (or not…)!

The first collection of this issue is probably my favorite part. I like these separates, especially the pants (fitted at the top and flared at the bottom).
I wouldn’t probably pair these three with each other, but that’s just my taste.


One thing I like about LMB (better than Burda), is that I’ll often find patterns that feature challenging, lesser known sewing techniques. The coat on the left, for example, is unlined (so seam allowances are bias bound) and the outside edges are finished with a trim. One day I’ll post a tutorial on how to make welt pockets on an unlined garment, I learnt it at work and it blew my mind.
The skirt has darts reinforced with boning… I’ve never heard of that and I’m actually VERY tempted to try it, since I also happen to very much like the silhouette of the skirt.

I like this blouse… kinda. I mean, the asymmetric sleeves are a bit of a headscratcher for me, but I like it as a whole and at the very least it’s an interesting exercise in design.
The dress is cute, although I’d be careful with fabric choice and length because it could easily look like a nightgown.

Next up, we have a collection by designer Sofia Alemani. The first blouse is just plain weird, but in a good way. I mean, a zippered sleeve and horizontal pleats on the bust? That takes some creativity. I’d love to see the pleated details on a less dense print (or on plain fabric) to better see the effect.
Next, we have an asymmetric shirt (the way the pattern is pieced is REALLY interesting for me) and cropped pants with little straps at the waist. I LOVE those pants, although the fact they don’t have a side seam might make them a little harder to fit. Any suggestions?
I also want to point out that the plaid doesn’t match at the crotch… I don’t know if it’s the designer’s fault or the magazine, but it’s such a shame… I know it’s one of those things that only people who sews notice, but my eye immediately goes there, and for a sewing magazine, it’s quite unfortunate.

Again, two unusual, kinda weird patterns. I’ll take these over some Burda patterns I’ve seen 100 times ANY DAY. I love seeing the creativity of a designer I didn’t know at work! Well done.
But then, I really do like both the jacket and the dress, and their unusual cut really makes me curious, I’d love to try and sew them just for the sake of it.


There’s a point in almost every issue of any sewing magazine where I’ll go “No! Why?” and these two pages are it for this month.
These designs are by Anita Pasztor, and I’ll just say they’re not my taste. The styling here is the final nail in the coffin, imho.

But then again, look at this adorable combo! I’m not a fan of the fabric choice, but both jacket and skirt are super cute!

Finally, it’s the turn of the plus size section and Mamuca creations’ designs.
The first blouse is just too much for me, I don’t love the exaggerated asymmetry and ruffle. The palazzo pants are also a bit too much for me (they’re very flared at the bottom).
I kinda like the second blouse, but those straps look really low for me (why are they at the hips?), so I’d like to see how it looks once they’re tied. Unfortunately the photos don’t show it properly.

Here’s an egg-shaped dress with raglan sleeves and a rather wide neckline and a GORGEOUS coat with a big collar that buttons at the back, and an asymmetrical zipper opening. Love this pattern, and the fabric they used to make it.

And that’s it (until the end of February, unfortunately)!. You can see all the technical drawings here, the rest of the designs I didn’t feature are below.
What do you think of this issue? What would you like to make from it? I’m pretty much in love with it, there are so many unusual, unique designs that I’d love to try just for the sake of it, and to examine the patternmaking process. But what do you guys think?