Burdastyle Magazine 02/2019

copertina 02:2019.jpg

Welcome to our monthly appointment where I bitch about a sewing magazine I’ve been buying for years that never makes me happy.

Hello, gorgeous! I’ve been coveting the jacket on the left ever since I first saw the previews for this issue, so now my fingers are itching to make it! I have some WIPs at the moment, so I’ll have to add it to the queue, but this pattern alone makes the whole issue worth buying for me.

So, now it all goes downhill from here, unfortunately.
The trench coat is quite beautiful, of course, but I’ve just seen two similar patterns in Cartamodelli Magazine that I like better.
I don’t like all that seaming on the pencil skirt…

Cute dress that does nothing for the model, cute skirt that I’m afraid might have too much volume at the waistline, and shirtdress with dubious gathering, again at the waistline.
I’m not too impressed by these.

Nor am I impressed here.
The pants are as basic as can be, the blouse is way too “masculine” (meaning shapeless) for my taste, the blouse has a complicated back neckline with elastic, and the dress is cute, but how many time have we seen it?

Again, super basic patterns…
We also have a short, wind-breaker type jacket, a weird sweater with casings, and a wrap dress with some weird color-blocked sleeve…
Mmmh… No thanks.


This is actually the only other pattern I would make from this issue. This blouson is a lovely variation of a bomber jacket. I’m not too sure about all that grograin, especially at the wrist, but the rest is pretty great.


And back to repetitions, here are the patterns that we saw at the beginning, rebranded as “wardrobe staples”.
In addition, we have a pretty dress with neckline darts, and a basic long sleeved shirt.

This is the vintage pattern for the month, a dress from 1957. When I first saw it, it reminded me a lot of the retro pattern from December 2018, but after a second look, they actually just share the kimono sleeves with gusset and the front opening.
This reinterpretation looks very modern on the model, I’d love to see more renditions.

Plus size patterns!
Not my favorite month for this section either… the only patterns I’d save are the pants and the first blouse, but this is not my size range, so I’ll leave it to somebody else.

And finally, baby patterns! These goes with the rest of the issue, being quite basic and repetitive in my opinion (I mean, those pants are in every baby pattern collection I’ve ever seen). But, hey, I don’t use these, so what do I know.

So, yeah.
Not an impressive issue by my standards, not because it’s ugly, but because of the biggest problem I have with this magazine: repetitiveness.
As a subscriber, I am so bored by this magazine… the first jacket in this issue was a breath of fresh air, but two-three patterns I like in a whole issue is bit disappointing for me.

What about you guys?What are your thoughts on this issue?

**Images in this post are either mine, or from Burda Russia, Germany and Ukraine.**