Di Tutto Boutique 02/2013

I mentioned this new Italian sewing magazine in my last (tragic) review of La Mia Boutique, but it looks like I was wrong on a lot of things.

First of all, this magazine is not published by the same people of LMB: different publishing house, different city, different everything. Well, not everything, the stylist of this magazine is the same man who worked on most LMB issues I've reviewed on this blog (isn't it that a little weird?).
Anyway, it was a legitimate mistake; why would you name a new magazine so similarly to an already existing one? It's confusing! It sure was for the 3-4 newsstand guys I asked this magazine to, they would all pull out LMB.
Furthermore, "Di Tutto Boutique" doesn't really mean much in Italian ("di tutto" means "everything", so "boutique of everything"?! Weird.).

My second mistake was, this magazine doesn't focus exclusively on patterns for knits. Again, a legitimate mistake because of the subtitle "Taglia e Cuci", which in Italian means "serger", but also "crafting/sewing" in general. I really think they could have put more thought into choosing their name.

That being said, this magazine is not bad at all. There are patterns for everyone: women, men, children and plus size women (hence the "di tutto", I guess).
The designs don't strike me as particularly bad or good, and I can't judge the quality of the patterns themselves since I haven't tried one yet. There are less patterns than in Burda and LMB, but the price is inferior as well.
Since this is the first issue, I'll include more photos than usual to give you a better idea of what's in it.

First up, patterns for women. The first issue is 20's inspired (just in the styling) and features some cute formal dresses. I like most of them, but you need an occasion to wear these to... Not exactly cake material.

And in the middle of the children patterns (sorry I didn't include any, but not having kids, I find them extremely boring) we have a random, badly photographed dress with a nice cowl and a seemingly interesting skirt.

The men patterns are quite nice, they look like modern, interesting pieces that a man could actually wear.

Finally, plus size patterns. Again, I'm not head over heels about these, but they're well designed garments with some nice details.
I wish they used a curvier model, you can't really tell these are plus size clothes. Also, WTF is up with this stylist and gloves? They're in every single shot except for one. They make sense in a Gatsby-inspired photoshoot, but with a jersey dress? With a PANTSUIT??

Please let me know if you're interested in reviews of Di Tutto Boutique, because as much as I love ranting with myself, I can do it off the blog.
I also mean to try and get in touch with the editors to ask them a few questions about this new magazine, so if you have any questions you want me to ask them, leave a comment.

Also, if you're one of the 1200+ Russian gals who come here for the magazine reviews, please stop by and say hi! I get a huge traffic from you but you're invisible!