La Mia Boutique 03/2019

La Mia Boutique 03/2019

Since I started making these sewing magazine reviews in video format, I honestly have less and less time to prepare a blog post as well.

So, here you’ll find a selection of my favorite designs for this issue, and if you’re curious to see the magazine in its entirety, you can go to the bottom of this post to see the rest of the photos and the technical drawings, or you can watch my Youtube video. I realize it’s a lot to ask to non-Italian speakers, but you can always mute me and listen to some music, right? (Also, check out Silvia’s La Mia Boutique reviews as well).

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La Mia Boutique 01-02/2015

La Mia Boutique 01-02/2015

This morning I woke up feeling like giving some unrequested opinions on something, so I figured there was no better time to write a review :)

The good people of La Mia Boutique sent me a PDF of the new issue, which was not only very kind on their part (saves me A LOT of time in scanning the magazine), but it also shows they're not afraid of criticism, which impressed me quite a bit (they actually told me they do read my reviews and try to take notes, wow).

That being said, I'm afraid it doesn't make me less of a b̶i̶t̶c̶h̶ harsh critic.

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La Mia Boutique 06/2014

Hello, everyone!
I'm back here on my poor, neglected blog, after a little pause. Life's been a little crazy around here lately, and I'm preparing a post to explain why, hopefully to be published next week. In the meantime, I missed my blog, I missed you guys and I missed reading sewing blogs and being part of the community (my Feedly is about to explode, I have a LOT of catching up to do).

After all this enthusiasm, I'm sorry to say this post is not a particularly exciting one, because the subject at hand is not exactly riveting. This issue of La Mia Boutique is yawn-worthy to say the least, it's not even bad enough to allow me to be the nasty b*tch we all love... Well, I can try.

First of all, let's get the pleasantries out of the way.
I'm really glad they included two flattering one piece swimsuits! These are perfectly season-appropriate and it's a type of pattern you don't find everyday, so it's great to have in your archive.
The first one is particularly cute.

I really like the blouse here, and the skirt is not bad either (although with asymmetric pleats, you can risk that it looks unintentional). I wouldn't have paired them together, though.

Now, here's one of the problems I have with LMB. Why including three such similar dresses in just one issue? They're all very cute, but can't you dilute them a little more in at least two issues? Don't you think it makes you appreciate them a little less (or am I just too nit-picky)?
They do this from time to time (like when they offered a zillion jackets in this issue). Maybe the regular buyer won't mind too much, but it can be pretty frustrating for the occasional one.

Wow! A convertible dress! HOW ORIGINAL!... says the Internet five years ago.
I mean, this is still a good idea, but there are a million tutorials online on how to make this, why would I spend the time to trace two rectangles and a circle skirt from a busy pattern sheet AND add seam allowance?
Also, of the many many ways to style this dress I've ever seen, this is by far the cheapest one. Come on. And the skirt's hem is crazy uneven.

The top is the definition of overdesigned and the pants of impractical. Look how much the slit opens when the model walks! Hate both of these.

The pants are... ok, I guess, but what's the thing over it? Where would one wear it? And why is the model doing a yoga pose with a clutch in her hand? Uggghhh.

The blouse is pretty cute, but oh my gawd what are those things? Apron pants? WHYYYYY?

Again, pretty cute blouse paired with some hideous pants. When I see people on the street wearing this style of pants I seriously want to slap them in the face and send them to buy a flattering pair of pants. Gaaah, I'll never get why girls do this to themselves. Oh, I didn't include the photo where the model wears these as a romper, but trust me, it was pretty offensive as well.

Next issue will come out in mid July, and to be honest, I'm not really looking forward to it.
I'll see you tomorrow with a new garment to show you!

p.s. If you're interested, there's a big sale going on at Craftsy right now (classes are up to 50% off)!

La Mia Boutique 05/2014

For someone like me, who's not the best at photo editing and has a crappy scanner, preparing images for this type of post can be a rather long process.

So when, like this month, the content of the issue is not exactly stellar, I find myself a little frustrated by all the work and I don't really feel like writing a long commentary.

So please excuse me if I'll keep my review of LMB for this month rather short, but I'm not in the mood XD
I'll proceed in the order the patterns are presented in the magazine, and not by preference.

Eesh. When the second pattern in the issue is this dowdy, you know it's not going to end well.

Even the model is not happy with this unflattering, sad dress.
Nope, it seems like it's her standard face. Or she's not happy with this one either, which would be understandable, as it is, again, very unflattering, and straight out of a New Years party in 1998.


This is actually cute and I would wear it. Although I would probably style it better in the dark...

Eh. Cute? It's an H&M design, though, which seems pretty desperate to me.
All that gathering might not be for everyone.

The top might be cute although, again, not really for everyone. The skirt is too ugly to even consider it.
Again, tragic styling.

Boring skirt, over-designed blouse. BURN THOSE SHOES.

The top is actually incredibly cute! YAY! I found something I would make!
The pants are fine, although pretty standard.

Super cute dress, completely ruined by that gingham monstrosity.

To say this is not my cup of tea would be an understatement, but at least it's mildly interesting.

If you want to see the rest of the patterns in this issue, here they are:
Click here for full size
Aaand... I'm out. As anticipated, quick and painless!
And pretty bitchy too, I realize. I hope you guys don't mind :D

La Mia Boutique 04/2014

One word to describe this issue of LMB: meh.
There's nothing really wrong with the patterns of this month, I'm just not particularly excited about any of them. I think this is mainly because of two reasons:
1. there are just separates, and you know I'm a dress kind of girl;
and 2. these patterns are mostly very classic in style, and I usually prefer something either quirky or retro.

But let's see, shall we?

There is a LOT of outerwear in this issue! I find it a little unusual, since we're fast approaching warmer temperatures here in Italy, but that's ok.
I'm not particularly excited about sewing jackets, so none of these patterns really call out to me, but there are a couple interesting one, especially the first trench coat. Jacket #19 feels very outdated to me, while I quite like the details of #22, which I think would look much better in a darker color.

MOAR jackets... sheesh! I do kinda like the first one (and the jeans paired with it), although not on me, but the second and third photos made me cringe. This is some epic 90's ugliness on display... let's not exhume it, please.

Aand more separates.
I kinda sorta like the first outfit (again, not on myself), and I really hate the second one. The macrame lace on that top looks terrible and the fit of the pants is embarrassing. Just no.

This blouse is really interesting, but it looks much more like a costume than like something one could wear in real life.
The skirt is cute, but I've seen it a thousand times.

This blouse is the only pattern I did like for myself in this issue! It reminds me a bit of the Carme blouse by Pauline Alice.
The pencil skirt is cute and every girl should own one, but as I mentioned for the previous skirt, it's something we've seen before.

And to end this forgettable issue, we have some awkwardly styled, frumpy looking plus size fashion. I did really like the gown from afar, until I saw the terrible boob gathering... I think the visual effect is really ugly. But from the waist down, it's really nice.
The jacket is just frumpy, as confirmed by the sad, sad facial expression of the model.

In conclusion... yawn.
I'm hoping for a more modern (or more retro!), better styled, less random issue next month.
This one just wasn't for me. Is it for you?