La mia boutique 04/2012

Yay, new issue! I'm not as excited as last time, but this magazine is still better than the latest Burda.
Ok, let's dig in.

Very cute shift dress, I love the neckline both at the front and the back. The ruched details of the jacket add interest and make it very nice.

More ruching! I really love the sleeves of this dress, I might use them with a different bodice, or even with this same dress, because I like it quite a bit.

I usually prefer bermuda to shorts, because I'm not too fond of my thighs. These seem pretty nice to me, if a bit too complicated. The top pattern is included as well, but it's nothing special.

Gorgeous jacket! The pattern is taken from an Italian army jacket and I really like it. There also are some army-inspired patterns for men, so check them out if you want to sew something for your special someone.

For more technical drawings, you can check out my Flickr.

Burdastyle Magazine 04/2012

I've been postponing writing this post for two days now because I'm not really sure what to write in it. The preview on the German site is once again fragmented: there's one preview with some photos from the issue, one with all the technical drawings and one with photos of all the garments on the dressform. I really wish they went back to the old way, which was much more user-friendly.
Anyway, there's really nothing too exciting for me this month, but these are my picks.

This jacket has nice style lines. That is all I have to say about it. I like the long sleeved version better, but of course it was made in black fabric and you couldn't tell any detail.

Very very cute sleeves. Again, not much more to say. It's a super basic tunic.

Another basic garment, with an interesting detail at the neckline. I have included it here, but since I don't like to sew with knits, I doubt it will ever end up on my table.

Cute sailor pants! I'm curious to know if the front flap is real or if the buttons are fake.

And finally, a child pattern, because lately I like them more than the ones for adults. How unfortunate. But look how nicely it's finished on the inside, with the striped bias tape!

If you want to see more photos, Juliette posted some on her blog that I somehow didn't manage to find on the German site. The Italian themed photoshoot seems very nice, but the patterns are not really my cup of tea.

As usual, the technical drawings will be soon available on my Flickr page and stay tuned for the latest La Mia Boutique issue in a few days!