Scallop fever #4: Detachable beaded scallop collar

My first project for 2012!
This little number was actually finished (and worn several times) in 2011, but it's only now I get to show it to you!
It was A LOT of work: more than 1000 pearls sewn by hand! It took many many hours, but I found the process of beading very relaxing!
What took me longer than making the collar was to actually find the pearls! I went to a few stores where I live and I could only find glass pearls, which were extremely expensive, considering I needed a lot of them. Whenever I would ask for plastic pearls, people would be horrified and tell me they are too cheap! Well, guess what? I didn't want to spend 30 or more euros in beads, so in the end I went to dear old eBay, ordered the beads from a Chinese seller for a steal and waited patiently a month for them to arrive.
This was one of those (frequent) times in which I wanted so bad to have a Jo-Ann store near home.

The end result is not perfect (there are some bumps here and there, the texture of the pearls is not completely smooth), but I love it. It looks good with basically anything and makes any outfit look so elegant and classy!
If you like this collar, go say hi to Megan Nielsen and thank her for her fabulous tutorial! It's just thanks to her that it exists!

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