An old Beignet skirt and a new pair of glasses

Size: size 10.

Alterations: omitted the fabric belt.

Fabric: the same black cotton canvas I used for my first Kelly skirt and some flowery lining material , both from my stash.

Last week I found this UFO skirt under a pile of muslins and stuff to throw away in a corner of my room. I'm ashamed to say I didn't even remember of its existence. I'm not usually an UFO kind of girl: when I start a project, I always try to finish it before I start another one.

But the reason why this Beignet defeated me is because it features one of my greatest sewing enemies: buttonholes, and 12 of them nonetheless. Just the word "buttonholes" makes me instantly lazy. It's completely irrational, since I include them in my favorite projects (like my Bleuet dresses) and my machine even has a "memory" function for buttonholes that makes sewing multiple one much easier.

Sweater: ASOS - Shoes: Pimkie (old) - Glasses: c/o Bonlook
Anyway, when I found this skirt everything else was finished except for buttons and buttonholes, so I just sat down, grinned my teeth and half an hour later I had a perfectly wearable skirt.

The combination of black and Beignet means lots of wearability for me. I made this skirt two more times (appearances here and here) and they're still the most worn separates in my wardrobe. This skirt will join them soon.

I'm wearing the Peacock frame in Dark Chocolate.
And because I didn't have a lot to say about this skirt, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and show off my new glasses.
I was contacted by Bonlook a while ago to try one of their frames and to offer a pair to my readers, and as much as I try to keep this blog strictly sewing-related, I couldn't pass up the opportunity.
I mean, if I could afford it, I would probably own at least a dozen pairs of frames; I've been wearing glasses since I was 8 and have learnt to appreciate them as style accessories, so why deprive myself and one of you guys of this chance?
Moreover, Bonlook offers some awesome looking frames, and I had the pleasure to experience they are great quality and come with excellent customer service.

I hope you'll appreciate this giveaway even though it's not sewing related.

To win one pair of BonLook glasses of your choosing (prescription, non-prescription, sunglasses... anything!) valued at $99 (shipping is not included) just click here.
The giveaway is open to everyone for a week.

Good luck!

Me-Made-May 2013 - Week 4

Top: Pimkie
Skirt: Kelly skirt by Megan Nielsen (kinda), never blogged
Shoes: Pimkie

At the beginning of May, I stored away my winter clothes and replaced them with summery stuff. This is always a great chance for spring cleaning and some clothes don't survive the passage.
This year, it was with a heavy heart that I realized that I hadn't worn my two Darling Ranges dresses (one and two) in a very long time. They both didn't fit me correctly, the first is too low in the front and the buttons are too heavy; the second, I just don't like the fabric, it creases too easily and it doesn't go with anything in my wardrobe.
But I couldn't just throw them away. So I tok the fabric of the first and the buttons of the second and made a Kelly skirt. I had just barely enough fabric, the waistband is pieced and the buttons are too close together, but I made it work and now I have a super cute new skirt. Yay for recycling!

Top: Banksia top by Megan Nielsen (never blogged, worn here, here and here)
Cardigan: Stefanel
Jeans: second hand
Shoes: Converse

This outfit was way cuter in my head, I was a bit disappointed while editing the photos. I don't know exactly what went wrong with it...
Anyway, my lace sleeveless Banksia is still very much loved and I liked the idea of pairing it with a mint cardigan.

Top: Pimkie
Skirt: Beignet skirt by Colette Patterns (never blogged, worn here)
Coat: borrowed stolen from my mother

We had such horrible weather on Saturday, I woke up to pouring rain and a very low temperature. I also had 5 hours of sleep, so I basically grabbed whatever I found scattered in my room. I'm more than satisfied with the result.

And I'm afraid that's it for me and Me-Made-May, this week I'm staying at my boyfriend and I've packed stuff that you've already seen or that I've very recently blogged about.
Between the weather requiring me to choose comfort over style and the fact that I'd have to take photos in a pretty dark apartment, I decided that I prefer no content at all than bad content. Not everybody thinks like that and that's absolutely fine, but I do.

I think I'll do a recap of MMM at the end of the week so that I have to regroup my thoughts on this experience.
Good luck to everybody on your last days of MMM!