June challenge dress 4 - The Alice dress

Two days late, but I made it! And I'm really satisfied with my last dress.
As I've already told you, I had a change of plan with the patterns I chose.
I used pattern 104 from Burda 02/2011, but since it was a little plain for me, I added a huge bow on the front. It might not be for everyone, but I'm a sucker for bows!
The fit was spot on this time, although I made the panels for the skirt smaller than required by the Burda instructions, because it didn't want too much volume. Actually, I didn't follow the instructions at all, since they were a bit ridiculous (for example, they make you sew just one pocket to the skirt!).

The fabric I used is a baby blue linen I had in my stash and I love both the color (which reminds me a lot of Alice in Wonderland) and the slightly crinckled texture. I lined the dress with a flowery material that I find very sweet (my mom and I were given a whole bolt of it as a gift).

These are also my first photos with my new SLR camera and I've already fallen in love with it, though we still need to get properly acquainted.
Oh, and if you're wandering why I'm wearing a cardigan on July 2nd, it' because it's 17°C today. :(

So... the challenge is finished, what's next? Stay tuned!