Burdastyle Magazine 02/2012

Guess who received a Burda subscription as a Christmas gift? ^_^
So, starting with the February issue, I won't have to decide whether buying the magazine or not. And I don't know if I would have bought this issue, because there is very very little that impressed me.

First of all, this dress. Although I really dislike the matt/shiny contrast of the fabric, it seems a very nice silhouette. There is also a black version of it which looks very elegant. The pockets are a nice touch.

I think this might be interesting. I really hate the multitude of colours they used here; there is a black version of this dress as well, but the design lines disappear. The neckline is gorgeous on the model, though, and the chunky zipper in the back looks very nice.

There are some very cute pants in this issue. These are high-waisted and have a nice detail in the back. Since one of my goals for this year is to sew a pair of trousers, I might consider this pattern.
A little off topic: don't you hate it too how sometimes (often, actually) Burda chooses fabrics and photos that don't showcase AT ALL the garments? I mean, black trousers under a long top? How are we supposed to see them? The same thing applies for the black versions of the two dresses above.

And lastly, just like when I liked the pattern for a Wilma Flinstones costume, I found myself eyeing these children patterns and wanting them for my size (sorry for the terribly cropped image). Aren't they cute?

More images will be soon available in the Burda Archive Project page.