Burdastyle magazine 05/2012

Oops! I completely forgot about Burda and the issue is in the newsstands already! I still can't pass the chance to give my un solicited opinion, so here's what I like:

It's no surprise I like skirts and dresses, but these two seem to be very interesting patterns. The first one has a almost corseted waist and deep front pockets, while the second one has a front fly, front pleats, front pockets and welt back pockets. The only thing I don't get is the horizontal seam of the second skirt... What's the point?

This buttoned blouse is also pretty cute. These darts must be pretty flattering (I hope there are darts in the back as well) and the collar has a nice shape. Although it must be noted that the Burda team tried to make it as awful as possible by using one of the ugliest fabric ever. Thank God for technical drawings.

Sadly for me, the patterns I like the most this month are for plus sizes. This dress with a detachable peplum is an example, but the whole black & white plus size section is really beautiful.

And since I haven't complained yet, I'm going to end the post with something that kinda pissed me off. There is a vintage inspired pattern and I thought YAY! when I read it. Than I saw the photos and realised that Burda decided to take a super cute vintage '60s pattern and turn it into this draped, velvet, unwearable mess. Couldn't they just reprint the vintage pattern as it was?