Burda Easy SS 2014

I haven't been a big fan of this biannual special issue of Burda in the last couple of years because the tendency to dumb patterns down that we noticed in regular Burda is even more evident here.

Moreover, this magazine costs more than the monthly version but offers way less patterns. In this issue in particular, while I was looking at the preview, I felt like there were very few patterns repeated a lot of times, and they basically didn't even bother with variations. On the upside, Burda Easy usually has slightly better instructions and the patterns are easier to trace.

Let's see, shall we?


This dress pattern with a sweetheart neckline is actually adorable! I really like all the variations included and the skirt is a decent dupe for the Kelly skirt pattern by Megan Nielsen.
That ruffly thing they added to the first dress, though, symbolizes everything I don't like about Burda.

This, I also really really like. Bomber jackets seem to be really in fashion right now, and if you're looking for a simpler version of the Rigel bomber by Papercut, this might be a good option.

This top/skirt combo is repeated, as is, at least three times in this issue, and I don't really see the need for it. This is not my cup of tea at all, but I guess it would look cute on a younger/thinner girl. Not setting my world on fire, though.

I personally think jumpsuits can be extremely stylish when done and styled right, and worn by the right girl, but this just looks like the thing my dad wears when he's working in the garage. No, thanks.

 This is slightly better, but I don't like the double tie. A regular belt might look better with this one.

Meh. The jacket (blouse?) is cute but boxy and the skirt is definitely not my style at all, but it's not bad.

Uh... no. I'm a huge fan of pinafores and dungarees, but I just don't like this. The shiny fabric is not helping.

Meh again. I'm not a romper kinda girl, so I don't know. I like the zipper in the front (feels practical), but the bodice seems pretty boxy.

What do you think, guys?
There's some good and less good, but is it worth buying?
I'll definitely pass as none of these patterns add something to my (already too big) collection. What about you?

[Please don't ask me if this magazine is available in your country, I don't know! That's a question you should ask to whoever distributes Burda where you live]

Burda Young F/W 2013

I was a bit shocked when I saw the preview of the latest Burda Young because I hadn't realized it was that time of the year yet, but here it is.

As in any other issue, there are less patterns (with more variations) than in regular Burda, and they are generally thought for a younger, less experienced audience.

I could swear I've seen a similar pattern in an old regular Burda, but I couldn't find it in recent issues.
I'm really, really drawn to this pattern. Obviously, I love it with the peter pan collar, but also without and in blouse form (see below). This pattern alone is making me want this issue...

I remember I had an asymmetrical mini skirt just like this one a long time ago, and, apparently, they're back in trend now. This is a little too short for me and the elastic waistband kind of ruins it, in my opinion. Still, it would look very trendy and modern on those of you with longer, leaner legs!

I've been eyeing batwing tops ever since seeing the Blair batwing shirt by Named Clothing (and Sophie's beautiful version). This pattern here is definitely not the same, but it could be good for experimenting, since I don't know how this silhouette would look on me.
And the pants... Let's just say I'm not a fan.

I really like this dress (and top) with the draped panel, and I'm intrigued by the construction. It looks like an easy, quick project for a beginner, and made in the right fabric, it could look very chic.
I like the idea of the peplum pants, but I don't know how flattering they could be... I certainly wouldn't want to add more volume around my hips, and I would have loved to see how they look on the model. C'mon Burda, we already spoke about your photography, it's time you set yourself straight already!

One thing I almost always like in Burda, is the outerwear, it's their forte. This jacket looks cool and modern, with interesting design elements. Bravo!

I was so disappointed when I saw the technical drawing of this jacket, because the photo reminded me a lot of the Watson jacket by Papercut, that I've been pining over for ages (why are their patterns so expensive? SIGH. SOB.). But no, the capelet is a separate piece. Bohoo. Still, it's a nice jacket.

All in all, there a few cute patterns, and I'll probably won't be able to resist.
What do you say? Did you purchase this issue? Should I?

Burda Easy Fashion SS2013

For those who are not familiar with this publication, Burda Easy (or Easy Fashion) is a biannual sewing magazine aimed at beginners and young seamstresses.

I swear I was so excited about this magazine when I first started sewing. It was awesome! I'll leave you a link to one of the first issues my mum got for me when I was learning to sew (here), it's in Italian, but just look at the pictures.
There wasn't a ton of patterns, but there were always many cute, interesting ones (this was also the "era" when indie patterns were almost non-existent).

Now, you'll understand what I mean when I say that this magazine changed a lot and dulled down immensely when you see this:

Fabric rectangles with elastic or a drawstring.
The last "skirt" doesn't even involve sewing.

Followed by this. Disgusting.
And the styling is beyond ridiculous.

To be fair, there are a few nice patterns, although they don't justify buying this magazine at all, at least for me.
This pants can be a nice project for a beginner, although I wouldn't recommend that sash that ties right at the crotch to anyone.

 I don't like this type of hem very much, but at least this is on trend.

I was so excited about this pattern when I saw the photo because I thought it had ruched sleeves, or something like that. Turns out it's a regular blazer styled with bunched up sleeves. Sigh.

This is kinda cute, although a shirt dress is probably the last thing I'd recommend to a beginner. Unless you have a very good machine, sewing so many buttonholes can be a pain.

This is a cute dress that was made in a terribly heavy fabric, styled poorly and photographed even worse. It has a lot of potential, though. There's also a blouse version of this pattern (you can see it above, paired up with the pants) and I like it a lot.

This issue is definitely a NO for me. Burda has increased their pricing, so one more reason not to purchase this.
What about you?

Burda Easy F/W 2012

A little disclaimer before I start this review: I recently realized how rarely I reach for Burda and LMB anymore. My collection of patterns (both commercial and from indie designers) is growing and it appeals to me much more than my magazines. Instructions are FAR better, designs are more interesting and you don't need to lose your eyesight with those super busy pattern sheets. This is why I lost quite a bit of interest in sewing magazines; I'm not at the stage of stopping to buy them altogether yet, but if you sense a lack of enthusiasm in my words, now you know why.

When I started to sew a few years ago, Burda Easy (or Young, depending on how it's called in your country) was a real treat for me. There were super cute designs, very young and fresh, with illustrated instructions. Now, I cannot imagine something like this in one of those issues from 4-5 years ago:

I'm sorry, but this just pisses me off. This is something that anyone could do, without buying a magazine and even without knowing how to sew. It's just lazy.
Fortunately, the rest of the magazine is less tragic:

Apparently, Burda editors like their dropped waistline. As you can see, the dresses above are all variations of the same pattern. It's definitely not my cup of tea: the skirt part of the first dress looks ridiculous, and I find that this silhouette is just unflattering on anyone. You might think I like the third dress, but a peter pan collar is not enough to fool me. Not to mention that those two huge pockets so close together look incredibly cheap to me.

Another variation of the previous pattern (seriously, lazy much?), but at least this time it's a cute, basic top that reminds me of the Pendrell blouse. The skirt is a pattern as well, but it's as basic as it gets.

And speaking of basics, this skirt seems like a perfect project for a beginner.
The top, I hate. Sorry, I just can't stand all those unnecessary seams.

There are a couple cute coats in this issue, although once again they're not exactly my taste. I love the fabric choice and the contrast trim, but the non existent waist + the ruffle-y bottom is not for everyone, definitely not me.

This is the only actual pattern that attracts me in this issue. I don't know why, I don't even know how I would wear it... Do you have any suggestions for me?

In conclusion, I'd say that this issue could be a nice purchase for a beginner who still doesn't have a big pattern library, or for someone who likes dresses with a dropped waist. Here in Italy, it retails for 5,90 euros, which is more than the "regular" Burdastyle magazine and, IMHO, a lot for the number of patterns it contains. What are your thoughts?
I hope I wasn't too sour for anyone, but I like to be honest on my blog.

Burda easy S/S 2012

Hello, there! I took a little break from blogging this week after OWOP, but here I am! Let's see what Burda has in store for us.
Although there are some great patterns for an absolute beginner, my impression is the quality (and interest) of this magazine dropped significantly from a couple of years ago. Maybe it's just me and the fact that my skills evolved, so I prefer more complex patterns, but some of the clothes in this issue are so simple that i wonder if someone would go through the trouble of tracing a pattern for these:

A tube top with a keyhole (slutty much?) and a dress that consist of two rectangles sewn together... I don't know.

Although there are some very cute options for beginners:

The only thing I really don't get is why there are all those seams (especially in the dress). Maybe they want to give the option to use different fabrics for each panel to get a colorblocking effect, but then why they made their samples using respectively one print and one solid fabric?
Am I also the only one to think that the dress looks different on the model than the technical drawing? The neckline looks higher and it seems like it has cap sleeves... Again, I don't know.

Finally, a few cute patterns that justify buying this issue for me:

Granted, I do have patterns for shorts, t-shirts and a-line dress in my collection, but I know I always regret it when I don't buy an issue of Burda. Burda easy is also great to lend to those friends who want to learn to sew, so they a choice of simple patterns with good instructions (well, at least they're better than the ones in regular Burda).
What about you? Will you buy it or will you pass?