Burda Young F/W 2013

I was a bit shocked when I saw the preview of the latest Burda Young because I hadn't realized it was that time of the year yet, but here it is.

As in any other issue, there are less patterns (with more variations) than in regular Burda, and they are generally thought for a younger, less experienced audience.

I could swear I've seen a similar pattern in an old regular Burda, but I couldn't find it in recent issues.
I'm really, really drawn to this pattern. Obviously, I love it with the peter pan collar, but also without and in blouse form (see below). This pattern alone is making me want this issue...

I remember I had an asymmetrical mini skirt just like this one a long time ago, and, apparently, they're back in trend now. This is a little too short for me and the elastic waistband kind of ruins it, in my opinion. Still, it would look very trendy and modern on those of you with longer, leaner legs!

I've been eyeing batwing tops ever since seeing the Blair batwing shirt by Named Clothing (and Sophie's beautiful version). This pattern here is definitely not the same, but it could be good for experimenting, since I don't know how this silhouette would look on me.
And the pants... Let's just say I'm not a fan.

I really like this dress (and top) with the draped panel, and I'm intrigued by the construction. It looks like an easy, quick project for a beginner, and made in the right fabric, it could look very chic.
I like the idea of the peplum pants, but I don't know how flattering they could be... I certainly wouldn't want to add more volume around my hips, and I would have loved to see how they look on the model. C'mon Burda, we already spoke about your photography, it's time you set yourself straight already!

One thing I almost always like in Burda, is the outerwear, it's their forte. This jacket looks cool and modern, with interesting design elements. Bravo!

I was so disappointed when I saw the technical drawing of this jacket, because the photo reminded me a lot of the Watson jacket by Papercut, that I've been pining over for ages (why are their patterns so expensive? SIGH. SOB.). But no, the capelet is a separate piece. Bohoo. Still, it's a nice jacket.

All in all, there a few cute patterns, and I'll probably won't be able to resist.
What do you say? Did you purchase this issue? Should I?