Burdastyle Magazine 03/2019

Burdastyle Magazine 03/2019

I am quite fed up with Burda.
The March issue is yet another one where I can’t find even one pattern that makes me want to go through the trouble of tracing it, adding seam allowance and decipher the puzzling instructions.
Most of the patterns are very much deja vu for a long time subscriber like me. The pants with patch pockets are pretty much identical to a plus size pattern from last month.

I’ve already spent a lot of time putting together a youtube video where I bitch about this issue, so I’ll just leave the pictures speak for themselves.
Please let me know what you think in the comments below, or on Instagram. Do you agree? Am I wrong? Let’s talk about it!

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Burdastyle Magazine 08/2014

Hello, guys! Guess who's back?

Wow, almost two months without blogging. That had never happened before, and I honestly didn't expect it. And I really missed it!
Everything's fine here, I've just been very busy with a new sewing commission job (sewing for money= YAY!), added to the two jobs I already had. Moreover, July wasn't a very easy month for me emotionally, because, as you might know if you follow me on Instagram, I took the heartbreaking decision of finding a new (more suitable) home for my dog Dora, and it really took a toll on me, both before and after she left.

But anyway, I'm back with my favorite type of post to write and I hope I can get back on schedule!
I'm already sad I skipped the July issue of Burda (although I could write a review just for fun... what do you think? Yes, fun? No, pointless?), so let's get busy dissecting the August issue!

I'll start with the patterns I like, because I'm in a good mood.
The skirt here looks a bit like Megan Nielsen's Kelly, which is one of my favorite skirt patterns ever. This one is simple and cute, love it!
The shirt pattern is definitely an interesting one, with the draped detail. I also like the shoulder seam moved to the back, the back hem and the neckline.
I could not hate the fabric choice more, but that's no surprise.

Very cute and interesting dress, not to mention great for all those of you who are into color blocking. There's also another version, made in just one solid fabric, but I don't see the point of all those complicated seams if you don't want to play up the paneling.

I feel like I've seen this dress before in the magazine at some point, but that happens often with Burda. I don't like the asymmetric skirt, but that's about it. The pleats around the neckline are a very sweet detail.

The top here has potential, and like the dress from before, could be great for some color blocking experiments.
The skirt is really not my cup of tea, although on the right figure and made in the right fabric, it could look really cute.

Eh. I don't know. I like this jacket, but the sleeves are just too, too big for me and the photo kinda ruins it for me...

HORRIBLE sack of horribleness.
The shape is terrible and those neckline pleats look like an afterthought.

Mmh... No. This could be cute, but all that gathering at the waist and back opening really cheapens it and makes it hard to wear. Missed opportunity!

Very, very cute shorts (although, we've seen them a million times from Burda).
The blouse is a very difficult shape to pull off (especially if you're curvy)... Again, not my cup of tea, but I'm pretty sure someone else could make wonderful things with this pattern, and wear it beautifully.

Finally, plus size patterns!
The top is cute, if a little boxy.
The pants look incredibly cheap, with the elasticated waist. I mean, they're probably comfy, but do you really want formal wear with an elasticated waist? Can't we leave that to sweat pants?

Gaaah, another missed opportunity. A cute, flattering dress completely ruined by that draped handkerchief on the side... Why, Burda, why?

This issue has been out for a couple weeks, now, so if you like it, go get it before it's gone! I'll skip this one, as I'm not really in love with anything here...
The September issue is usually a pretty exciting one in Burda land, so... fingers crossed! 

Burdastyle Magazine 06/2014

Here we go again!
I'm quite pleased with this issue and there are a few patterns I like (yay!), so, for once, I will start with the uglies.

UGGGHHHH. Rectangles!!!
As Lauren of Lladybird once did, I find myself having to quote Michael Scott. Enough with the freakin' rectangles!

So ugly.
I hate everything about this romper, down to the thigh binding, which manages to look ugly on the model's perfect thighs.

I liked this so much in the photo, and then I was extremely disappointed by the technical drawing. Overdesigned and awkward. Pass.

It's cute, but Carme blouse much?

I liked this at first, but the more I look at it, the more awkward it feels. I was probably attracted by the print.
I dunno. Too gimmicky, maybe?

Now, onto the good better stuff.
The racer back tank is a great basic and it could come in handy especially to those who sew their own workout gear (like a few more patterns below).
I used to own a skort exactly like the one pictured here in my tennis-playing years, and I loved it to pieces. Again, it feels a bit awkward, so I dunno.

I probably won't make these for myself, but as I mentioned before, this is a cute activewear pattern.

And so are these pants. I probably wouldn't be caught dead in them outside the house, but I'd like them as loungewear or pjs.
The blouse is cute but I'm not sure about the way it hangs off the shoulders...

Two very simple dresses that I probably wouldn't consider for myself, but would look great on a lot of women.
Also, I love the styling in this photoshoot, for once! The shoes in this issue are almost all drool-worthy.

I'd love this a lot more without the pleated panel, I think it's too much. The shoulders are pretty fab, though.
It's a pity they made it in such a dark colour, concealing all the pretty details. And what's with all the three-quarter posing?

Coup de coeur of the month! Feminine, elegant, flattering. I'm in love!

Finally, plus-size patterns!
The offerings in this section are not earth shattering this month, but this dress is worth mentioning. It looks very flattering.

I really like this slouchy blouse with the front slits, but the pants are offensive. They would be unflattering on basically any size... Yuck.

And that is it!
What do you guys think of this issue?Will you buy it? Or like me, you'll probably just drool on the shoes?

Burdastyle Magazine 04/2014

Guys. Guys. GUYS!!!
This issue of Burda is SO good, I'm (almost) speechless. I mean, while I went through the preview photos my jaw literally dropped and I asked myself "is this the same magazine from the last months years?".

I don't know if something changed in the artistic direction or what, but this really looks like a whole new magazine, and I couldn't be happier about it.
I got in touch with Mokosha and it turns out we were in the same state of shock. Some of these patterns are exactly in her style, so I can't wait to see them popping up on her blog.

Now, less blabbering and more commenting. Although my comments on these patterns are pretty much all something like "beautiful", so I'll be concise and leave space to the images.

The first set of patterns all have a modern feel to it, but they're so much cooler than the usual Burda standards!!
Take these two dresses: clean, simple, modern lines with interesting design features (look at the back darts of that second dress, for example). Just great.

 This is something I wouldn't wear myself, but would see on a whole lot of people...

 ... although I immediately like it so much more when it's shortened into a top. Also, the skirt is simply gorgeous.

I'm really uncertain about this dress... The design is interesting, but those front panels look a bit too far from the center front to be balanced... What do you guys think?

Again, this is something I wouldn't wear myself, but I can still appreciate the design. On a tall woman, this would be pretty spectacular.

The next set of patterns are presented in a folksy/beachy themed photoshoot, and while most of them are not that memorable to me, these two are real stand-outs.
The pants remind me a lot of the Chataigne shorts by Deer and Doe, and this is actually a variation I wanted to try out.

I'm repeating myself here, but... gorgeous! That bib/yoke thingy in the front might be a little overcomplicated, but it does look great.

And last but not least, my favorite set of patterns, with a vintage feel to them.
The pants were too cute not to include them again; the blouse looks cuter on the model than on the technical drawing. I like the collar, but I would probably eliminate the faux wrap effect.

A shorter version of the maxi dress from before, with a few different details. I LOVE how this looks on the model, fabric choice included (and shoes, too).

This is a little overcomplicated, but all these details are so adorable that they really work together. WANT!

The elasticated waist is a huge let down for me (it feels too dressed down compared to the rest of the dress, imho), but the rest is simply stunning. Those sleeves, oh, those sleeves!

I didn't include any of the plus size patterns because there was a lot to show already and I found them a little boring anyway, sorry! There are also a couple men's patterns and some extremely cute kids patterns.

So, what's the verdict?
I guess it's more than clear how happy I am about this issue and the direction the magazine seems to have taken. No huge wtf-eries, no rectangles (well, just one top, which I didn't include), classy styling... I hope it's not just random, and it will be consistent in the future issues.
I'm so proud of you, Burda, welcome back! But please, keep it up!

Now I'm curious... What do you guys think?

Burdastyle Magazine 12/2013

Burda decided to end 2013 with a bang, releasing one of the best issues of the year. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but for once, I'm overall happy with everything in this issue: the designs, the fabric choices, the styling... Well, not so much with the photography, but that day is still far away, I'm afraid. 

Coup de coeur of the month! A simple sheath dress with some lovely details. Easy to make, easy to fit, beginner-proof... I love it!

Aand... second crush of the month! I LOVE the 40s vibe of this dress, so feminine and elegant! You need to be careful about the point on your crotch, but the rest is absolutely stunning.

More gorgeousness! I like this dress better with long sleeves (shown in the photo above with the pink dress) and the chiffon here looks pretty cheap, but it's beautiful. I love the contrast of the narrow skirt of the slip with a fuller skirt on top.

This is not exactly a dress I'd associate with December, but it's really beautiful nonetheless. I love the gathering at the center front and the huge sleeves, although I would skip the sleeve ties. There's also a shorter variation of this pattern, but I think the longer one is much more striking.

You know I have a soft spot for Burda's outerwear, and this trench coat is no exception. I'm not a huge fan of the paper bag sleeves and I would probably make the pockets smaller, but the collar and the little cape-like detail beautiful.

And of course I also love this menswear inspired tuxedo jacket. It reminds me a lot of this jacket from 2 years ago, but that's ok.

Next, two relatively simple patterns that I like quite a bit, especially paired together. Love the asymmetry and the zipper of the skirt.

Another couple of pieces that are not earth-shattering, but very wearable, especially the top. That draped neck is quite beautiful.

Next, the designer pattern of the month. The length of the skirt looks a bit ridiculous to me, but shortened, this would make a really cute little dress. I especially like that the design makes it look like separates.

And finally, a cute plus-size pattern. Do you remember what I said about the photography at the beginning of the post? This is a perfect example...
Anyway, this top is similar to the one in last month's issue: it looks like a blouse with a draped piece at the neckline, but it's really a rectangle of the fabric that it's not part of the blouse itself. What I don't understand is, if the fabric they used here is a woven, how is this thing supposed to sit on your shoulders? Wouldn't it be crazy uncomfortable to wear?

So, was I right or was I right? Are you going to get this one?