Chataigne shorts

Size: size 40 at the waist, grading up to a 44 at the hips
Alterations: Lengthened the legs by about 3cm and did a rolled hem (instead of the scalloped or cuffed version), omitted the pocket flaps in the back, used a regular zipper instead of an invisible one.
Fabric: Lightweight wool suiting from my stash (it's the same I used for my Rooibos dress two years ago)

Did you see this new little pearl from Deer&Doe? The Chataigne shorts have inverted box pleats and two variations: regular waist and cuffs (version A), or high waist and scalloped hem (version B). They were released yesterday and I once again was lucky enough to be one of the testers.
The testing process was more interesting than usual for me. My thighs are the area of my body I'm most self conscious about, so I'm quite scared of wearing shorts, even in winter, with tights. But the design of Chataigne was so freakin' cute I had to try them.
I started the process as someone who doesn't like shorts one bit and I ended up quite enamored with my finished product. Yay for conquering our sewing fears!

Looking at these photos, I don't feel self-conscious about my body at all, quite the contrary! I think these shorts are really flattering on my curves and the high-waist really helps my proportions. I've already worn these shorts while sitting most of the day and they weren't uncomfortable at all, but it must be noted I'm used to wearing high-waisted, cinched-in garments. If you prefer a more relaxed fit, try the regular waist variation.

One thing must be said, though. These shorts are SHORT. Poor Eléonore must have heard it quite a few times from me and other girls while testing, but her intention was to make winter shorts to be worn with tights, so you can get away with a shorter length.
Because of my own issues with my thighs, I still felt more comfortable lengthening them a bit; if you feel the same, don't worry, because it's the easiest alteration ever.

I also did a rolled hem because I was afraid the scalloped hem would have made these shorts too short for me and I didn't do the cuffs because I don't like them too much on me (my thighs touch when I walk and the cuffs can get annoying). And to avoid attracting too much attention on my behind, I skipped the pocket flaps in the back, which are not functional anyway.
You can see that my shorts have some horizontal lines at the crotch, and that's because I mistakingly cut a size too small at the crotch seam, silly me! Otherwise, I was blown away as usual by the fit, especially the corseted waist: just perfect!

This pattern is marked for beginners, and I think that's right. The zipper and the pointy part of the waistband in the center front are the only tricky parts, other than that it's perfectly doable by someone who has a little bit of experience.

I found these tights with a faux garter effect a while ago and I love how they look with my Chataigne shorts! They could easily look tacky with a skirt, but I think shorts take away some of their sultriness and make them look much more playful.

Another version is already in the works: black, with high waist and scalloped hem. But I'm also tempted to make a more comfortable pair with the regular waist... Should I make both?