Darling Ranges, take two

Ever since my first version of this dress, I've wanted to make another one, but I didn't have a fabric I liked. Then my eye was caught by this printed cotton that reminds me of something baroque. I don't know why, I just see it.
Anyway, went and cut the dress exactly like last time (size M with an FBA), but surprise! The sleeves were pulling like crazy, resulting in a gaping neckline and, overall, in a very uncomfortable dress. What the heck? I guess the stiffer, heavier fabric I used accentuated some fit issues, although I couldn't exactly figure out what the problem was. I'm still a beginner at perfectioning fit, so please help me: could it simply be that the sleeves didn't have enough ease?
Anyway, I didn't have any fabric left, so I just unpicked the sleeves, made some bias tape out of them and finishes the armholes with it. Voilà.

I LOVE this dress in its sleeveless form! I think more Darling Ranges will follow (maybe in one of the fabrics from my previous post, as more than one of you suggested...). I think I will wear it a lot this summer, although this fabric starts creasing the moment you wear it and the skirt part looks a bit stiff.

Oh, and speaking of Megan Nielsen's patterns, I'm anxiously waiting for my Banksia pattern to arrive. After seeing this, my hands are itchy!

Thanks, Burdastyle!

This morning, while checking my emails, I found this beautiful surprise: my Darling Ranges dress is the Member Project of the Week on Burdastyle! I almost jumped on the chair, I couldn't believe I was there, alongside Mena... I'm really flattered.
So, a big thank you to Burdastyle and if you're new here... welcome!

I should be back to blogging soon, I already have a couple things to share and I can't wait!

Darling Ranges Dress

Did you see that Megan Nielsen recently released the first pattern based on her past collections? Since I'm a big fan of her work, I was waiting for this moment, so I bought my copy as soon as it came out and it arrived in my mail surprinsingly quickly.

It was such a delight to sew this dress! The instructions are great, the pattern sheets are made in a sturdy paper that is ten thousand times better than the super thin one you usually get, I even loved the sizing (the pattern comes in 5 different sizes, which means clear lines to follow on the sheets).
I had to make an FBA (which is starting to be a standard for me), other than that everything went great and all the marks matched up. I really love that the neckline is finished with bias tape (see last detail photo), because I loathe facings and this way you have a chance to add a splash of colour (pink and white polka dots for me :D).

The only downside is that the neckline is a bit too low for me and I find it a bit uncomfortable: great for a date, not so much for the library. I'll add a camisole underneath for every day wear (I can use one more layer in winter anyway), but a future version will definitely have a higher neckline.

The fabric I used is a lightweight viscose I bought last summer; I had saved for this pattern and I'm so happy I did. I think they work great together and I can't have enough polka dots (seriously, my wardrobe is vomiting polka dots).
Sorry if this post was a bit on the cheesy side, but I guess you've realized by now that I have a new favorite pattern. I can't wait for Megan to make more of her designs available, in the meantime I've already decided that I'll make a sleeveless version of the Darling Ranges dress for next summer, as she suggests in the instruction booklet.