La mia boutique 02-03/2012

I'm starting to be a big fan of this magazine, so I was a little sad when it was announced on Facebook that there was going to be one issue for February and March.
So, are you curious to see what's inside?

These cropped jacket and dress are on the cover and the designer patterns of the issue. I really love them! The double peter pan collar of the jacket is adorable and the dress looks so flattering. Definitely a double win.

These shorts are so cute! I love the front pockets and the curved seam at the back.
The t-shirt pattern, although very basic, is very nice as well.

The skirt is way too short for my taste but I really like the design. The tunic is once again quite basic, but it has some very nice details, like gathered shoulders, a button placket and a curved hem. Perfect for layering.

When I saw this photo, I started laughing so hard! The expression of the model and the general quality of the shot make some Burda photoshoots look like art. Anyway, I really liked the skirt pattern and how the bow is constructed. So cute!
The shirt is a pattern as well, but it's a body-suit (I hope I'm using the correct word for it: basically, it buttons at the crotch.)! EEEEW!!!

If you're curious to see the remaining patterns of the issue, you can find them, as usual, on my Flickr page.