June challenge dress 1 - The "Parfait" Sundress

The "parfait" sundress, you know, because "parfait" means perfect in French... That was quite a lame play on words, uh? Hey, it's not easy to be funny in another language!
Anyway, let me introduce you one of the creations I'm most proud of: the Parfait dress from Colette. It's also my first finished garment for the June challenge.

I really think this is the perfect sundress: it's comfy while very flattering, I love the stripes and the  seersucker has a great consistency. It even has cute pockets!
It's actually not my first attempt at this pattern: I had tried it maybe two years ago but I made a terrible fabric choice (a silky material) and it ended up looking too much like a slip. Since then, the pattern rested in my box until I decided I had to give it another go... and it was a success!
I didn't make ANY modifications to the pattern and it fits like a glove. Don't you love when that happens? And I added soft pink buttons for extra cuteness.

I'm going to add the photos of this garment to the Flickr group of the June challenge. Check it out if you haven't already, there's some beautiful stuff there.
The second dress is almost ready, so hopefully you will see it by the end of this week.

Burda 07/2011

Hey, there! I hope you don't mind if I skip another Highlights of the Week post (although I received some positive feedback from Mathilde which made me really happy), but I have some eye candy for you! Yep, that's right: after the disaster of April, we have another good Burda issue, it would seem.
Let's see my favorites:

I love the silhouette, the pockets and the v-neckline in the front and in the back. The panels in the front give the possibility to play a bit more with this pattern (you can use two different fabrics).

This is the designer pattern of the month (by Dice Kayek) and I think it's quite interesting. I don't like how stiff the peplum is on the model and I'm not sure how good it would look on me, but I'd be curious to see.

I would add darts or something to give more definition at the waist, but again, I find this interesting. They even used piping, which is quicly becoming one of my favorite embellishments to use (seen here and here).

A beautiful retro silhoutte, YAY! I'm just afraid that a slit on the side might look vulgar... I'll check when the magazine will arrive.

In other Burda news, do you remember that retro-looking halter dress in the June issue I fell in love with? Mena at the Sew Weekly showed us how to use this pattern to recreate a Modcloth dress. I'm seriously considering to make this after I finish my dresses for the June challenge.

Check back on Monday for my first finished dress for the challenge and a have a great weekend!