Me-Made-May 2013 - Week 4

Top: Pimkie
Skirt: Kelly skirt by Megan Nielsen (kinda), never blogged
Shoes: Pimkie

At the beginning of May, I stored away my winter clothes and replaced them with summery stuff. This is always a great chance for spring cleaning and some clothes don't survive the passage.
This year, it was with a heavy heart that I realized that I hadn't worn my two Darling Ranges dresses (one and two) in a very long time. They both didn't fit me correctly, the first is too low in the front and the buttons are too heavy; the second, I just don't like the fabric, it creases too easily and it doesn't go with anything in my wardrobe.
But I couldn't just throw them away. So I tok the fabric of the first and the buttons of the second and made a Kelly skirt. I had just barely enough fabric, the waistband is pieced and the buttons are too close together, but I made it work and now I have a super cute new skirt. Yay for recycling!

Top: Banksia top by Megan Nielsen (never blogged, worn here, here and here)
Cardigan: Stefanel
Jeans: second hand
Shoes: Converse

This outfit was way cuter in my head, I was a bit disappointed while editing the photos. I don't know exactly what went wrong with it...
Anyway, my lace sleeveless Banksia is still very much loved and I liked the idea of pairing it with a mint cardigan.

Top: Pimkie
Skirt: Beignet skirt by Colette Patterns (never blogged, worn here)
Coat: borrowed stolen from my mother

We had such horrible weather on Saturday, I woke up to pouring rain and a very low temperature. I also had 5 hours of sleep, so I basically grabbed whatever I found scattered in my room. I'm more than satisfied with the result.

And I'm afraid that's it for me and Me-Made-May, this week I'm staying at my boyfriend and I've packed stuff that you've already seen or that I've very recently blogged about.
Between the weather requiring me to choose comfort over style and the fact that I'd have to take photos in a pretty dark apartment, I decided that I prefer no content at all than bad content. Not everybody thinks like that and that's absolutely fine, but I do.

I think I'll do a recap of MMM at the end of the week so that I have to regroup my thoughts on this experience.
Good luck to everybody on your last days of MMM!

Me-Made-May 2013 - Week 2

BlouseDatura blouse by Deer and Doe (originally blogged here)
Cardigan: Zara (old)
Jeans: second hand
Shoes: Converse

I was a bit under the weather the first half of the week, so taking pictures of myself was the last thing I wanted.
I still wasn't 100% on Thursday, so my Datura blouse was the perfect compromise of style and comfort.
I really need to make the bust darts shorter if I make this blouse again, because they look like nipples right now. I wasn't very noticeable on a print, but it bothers me a bit in this chambray version. 

Shirt: Pimkie
Skirt: Beignet skirt by Colette Patterns (first seen here)
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Pimkie

I can't believe this skirt already has almost three years. It's still one of my most worn makes, and I get to wear it all year round. It also appeared in last year's me-made-may.
Everyone raves about this pattern, and it's totally deserved.

T-Shirt: Pimkie
Skirt: Kelly skirt by Megan Nielsen (originally blogged here)
Flats: Les Lolitas

This isn't exactly the most exciting outfit ever, but it was one of those days when I spend too much time getting ready on hair and makeup and then I end up having less than 5 minutes to get dressed. I didn't even have the time to put on a necklace.
Anyways, I told you multiple times how much I love the Kelly skirt, so I won't spend any more time on that. Although I'll say that I definitely prefer this skirt in a stiffer material (such as my black version), rather than this denim, that has a bit more drape to it.

Dress: Lily dress by Colette Patterns (originally blogged here)
Cardigan: local market
Shoes: Pimkie

Oh, this dress. I love it so much... in theory. The colors are a bit too bold for my everyday life, and the material wrinkles so terribly (you can see it in the photos) that it gets worn very rarely. I also think the styling of these photos is not the most inspired choice: this dress begs for sandals and a more relaxed hairstyle.
However, I was surprised at how comfortable it actually is: I was afraid that this kind of skirt was going to be a bit too tight for everyday, but it's actually not at all. The kickpleat really makes your life easier. I really hope to make another version of Lily in a better material sooner than later.

So, I didn't make up for last week's fail, but I still kept up with my pledge of 4 me-made outfits. I can't believe we're almost at half!

Me Made May 2013 - Week 1

Woohoo! It started!

Cardigan: Zara (Old)
Jeans: no brand
Shoes: Converse

I never blogged about this Airelle I made last Autumn, but I've been wearing it quite a bit.
The idea is the same as this other blouse: I refashioned a man button-up using the Airelle pattern, this one is just sleeveless.
By the way, the blue refashioned Airelle didn't survive the winter (ie I threw it away), because the material was too stiff and it was just uncomfortable to wear. This yellow one is a lot softer, so it works much better. Lightweight fabrics work much better with this pattern.

T-shirt: Banksia top by Megan Nielsen (originally blogged here)
Jeans: no brand
Bag: Fiorucci for OVS
Shoes: Pimkie

I really need to make more knit Banksia tops. This one was an experiment and although the fabric is not the best quality and print-wise, I really like it. Extremely comfortable for running around all day, with the added cuteness of a Peter Pan collar.

Shirt: Fiorucci for OVS
Skirt: Kelly skirt by Megan Nielsen (orginally blogged here)
Bag: vintage
Shoes: no brand

I love this outfit, even more so after my brother made the snide comment that I looked like Minnie Mouse. Like that could EVER be an offence to me (or to other awesome people)!
Anyway, this skirt seriously goes with everything, and looks great with everything. Thank you forever, Megan, for this pattern.

Now, there's no me-made look for today (Sunday). I came back from work late and completely exhausted, and it was raining. I just changed in my pj's and gave up, so to compensate today's fail (my pledge is four times a week) I'll try to go for five me-made days next week!

How did your first me-made week go?

Knit Banksia + Denim Kelly

Oh my gosh, this feels like the first "hey-look-at-what-I-made" post in forever (if you're not counting the dress I made for Marie, which was a bit of a different story).

To get back into the rut, I present to you a cute, casual outfit made of two of the most awesome patterns in history: the Kelly skirt and the Banksia top, both by Megan Nielsen. I've already made both and declared my love for them here and here.

Both garments have been finished (and worn) for a long time, but I hadn't been blogged yet. They don't look at their very best paired together, but as much as I love them, I don't think they were worth a post each.

I finished the Kelly skirt just after the first one, using some denim generously gifted to me by my neighbor (yes, the same saint who gave me this dress).
This time around, I made the mistake of adding a button close to the hem... too close to the hem, actually, because this button won't stay closed. Lesson learnt. Although it didn't stop me from wearing this skirt to death both last summer and this fall/winter. An incredibly versatile piece.

The knit Banksia was actually finished around Christmas. I used Megan's awesome tutorial and it worked like a charm. If you like this pattern as much as I do, TRY IT, you will love it!
This was actually one of my first attempts with knits and it went quite well. I don't know why I've always been (still am, a bit) so frightened by knits...
The finishing on the inside is not perfect, I really need more practice. My machine doesn't love knit fabrics, but I'm sure we can make it work.

This post is also a great chance to invite you all know to vote for Megan in the Modern Craft Project. She can win a lot of money to invest in her sewing patterns, and she really deserves it. I've been voting for her everyday! You can vote her here or go here for more details. 

Kelly Skirt

Back in May, I was lucky enough to be a tester for Megan Nielsen's new pattern, the Kelly skirt. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I love her and her designs, and this was no exception.
This skirt is aimed at beginners and I completely agree on the skill level. My skirt came together in about six hours from cutting to wearing, including six time consuming buttonholes, one of the things I dread the most sewing. I can't decide if I should add a seventh button, I don't need it for practical reasons, but I feel the skirt might look better with it. What do you think?
If you're a beginner and you're scared of buttonholes, you can just sew the ones you need to pull the skirt up and down (for me it's 4) and sew the remaining buttons through all the layers of fabric.

Fabric wise, I took the boring route and chose a black cotton canvas (although it looks blue in the photos) I had in my stash. I wanted something I could wear with basically every top I have in my wardrobe and I couldn't be more satisfied.
This skirt looks great with anything! Blouses and t-shirts, casual and dressy. And it's so flattering! I was a bit worried when I first got the pattern because A-line skirts don't always look good on me, but I was amazed when I put it on. It's one of those garments that make me feel confident when I wear them.
And did I mention it has lovely pockets?

On a side note, I know in my photos I usually look quite serious, almost stuck-up. It's the general first impression most people get of me (I even had a teacher in elementary school telling me that, so...), to the point that I appear pissed off or bitchy. What can I do, it's my natural expression and I can't really help it. Truth to be told, I am a serious person, but I have other sides to my personality, of course.
Like this afternoon. I needed to blow off some steam and decided to have some fun with these photos. So I started jumping...

And then this happened...

I'm sharing this shot in the hope of making someone laugh, I know I need it at the moment :)

To end this post on a semi-serious note, some conclusive thoughts: I can't recommend this pattern enough. Even though it's very simple, I absolutely think it's worth the money. By changing fabric types and lenght, you can have a very versatile pattern too.
I hope there will be more Kelly skirts in my future, I definitely want to try and make one in a softer, drapier fabric.

If you want to see more lovely Kelly skirts, go check out Andrea and Kelli!