A Stitch in Time vol.2

One of my goals for 2012 is to knit a garment. I learnt to knit a long time ago, but just the basics. I think I made a couple scarves (just knit, purl, repeat) a few years ago and that's it. But now I really want to learn more.
Back in December, I saw this post on zilredoh and I fell in love with the book "A Stitch in Time". Those gorgeous vintage knitted garments were exactly the motivation I needed to better my skills, so I got the book as a birthday present for myself and now I just need to decide where to start (but after completing a circle scarf I started waiting for the book, in order to spruce up my knitting).

I really hope I'm not being too ambitious, but trying won't kill me, right? I also have a very old book of knitting techniques and the internet is full of resources for beginners, so I know where to look for support. Hopefully, you'll see at least one of the beauties below on this blog during the course of the year. Wish me luck!
Now, enjoy some photos from the book and try to resist the urge to go buy it for yourself! :)