My Book - Il Mio Libro

My Book - Il Mio Libro

Soooo... Uhm, yeah.

I wrote a book!

One of the reasons why I've been more distant than the usual from the Internet in this last year, is because I was offered this incredible opportunity by Italian publishing house Gribaudo, and I just couldn't pass it up!

And so, after many months of hard work, "Il Manuale del Cucito" ("The Sewing Handbook") was born. It's a cute little book for beginners, it is project-oriented, including a short section dedicate to techniques and FAQ about sewing, and then 20 projects to learn how to sew while you're making them. The projects range from accessories, to clothes and home decor objects (there's also an accessory for dogs, because -duh!- I had to include dogs in it).

The idea was to offer something for everyone, without making it so difficult that it would discourage a beginner, but at the same time challenging enough so that it wasn't banal and you would learn some new techniques.

Also, there's no taking ourself too seriously in this book. Everything is as colorful as possible, and there are little animals, polka dots and smily faces scattered everywhere, which is, of course, perfectly my style.

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