Miz Mozelle dress

If I wasn't sure of it yet, this week I had the confirmation of how awesome and sweet the ladies at the Sew Weekly are.
This week's theme was UFOs, which was the perfect occasion for me to finish a dress I had started in November. I had actually finished my version of the Miz Mozelle dress pattern, but the hem needed to be shortened and I was so underwhelmed by it that I never came around to do it.

If the fact that I didn't like my creation all that much wasn't enough, I had a VERY hard time taking pictures. The weather here has taken a cold turn and I had to step out for pictures with -10° C, which resulted in some terrible faces (and horrible hair, since I didn't style it properly).
All of this resulted in a very disappointing post and yet, all the comments I received were so heartwarming! I am really speechless at all the kind words I read!
Thank you so much, everyone! For those of you who want to know more about the dress, you can read it here (although I must admit I didn't do a great job at documenting the construction, I forgot most of it since November...).