Me-Made-May 2013 - Week 4

Top: Pimkie
Skirt: Kelly skirt by Megan Nielsen (kinda), never blogged
Shoes: Pimkie

At the beginning of May, I stored away my winter clothes and replaced them with summery stuff. This is always a great chance for spring cleaning and some clothes don't survive the passage.
This year, it was with a heavy heart that I realized that I hadn't worn my two Darling Ranges dresses (one and two) in a very long time. They both didn't fit me correctly, the first is too low in the front and the buttons are too heavy; the second, I just don't like the fabric, it creases too easily and it doesn't go with anything in my wardrobe.
But I couldn't just throw them away. So I tok the fabric of the first and the buttons of the second and made a Kelly skirt. I had just barely enough fabric, the waistband is pieced and the buttons are too close together, but I made it work and now I have a super cute new skirt. Yay for recycling!

Top: Banksia top by Megan Nielsen (never blogged, worn here, here and here)
Cardigan: Stefanel
Jeans: second hand
Shoes: Converse

This outfit was way cuter in my head, I was a bit disappointed while editing the photos. I don't know exactly what went wrong with it...
Anyway, my lace sleeveless Banksia is still very much loved and I liked the idea of pairing it with a mint cardigan.

Top: Pimkie
Skirt: Beignet skirt by Colette Patterns (never blogged, worn here)
Coat: borrowed stolen from my mother

We had such horrible weather on Saturday, I woke up to pouring rain and a very low temperature. I also had 5 hours of sleep, so I basically grabbed whatever I found scattered in my room. I'm more than satisfied with the result.

And I'm afraid that's it for me and Me-Made-May, this week I'm staying at my boyfriend and I've packed stuff that you've already seen or that I've very recently blogged about.
Between the weather requiring me to choose comfort over style and the fact that I'd have to take photos in a pretty dark apartment, I decided that I prefer no content at all than bad content. Not everybody thinks like that and that's absolutely fine, but I do.

I think I'll do a recap of MMM at the end of the week so that I have to regroup my thoughts on this experience.
Good luck to everybody on your last days of MMM!

Me Made May - Week 5

Oops, I'm so very late!
Are you fed up with MMM yet? I sure was tired of taking photos of myself regularly (even just three times a week) but I loved both seeing what all the other gals were wearing and to show off some old creations. I had a lot of fun trying to style old pieces in different ways, and I'm sorry that many beloved garments didn't make it to the blog.
My only regret is that I didn't have any knitted garment to add to the mix, but I hope I can make up for it in the next round.

Monday, May 28th
I don't have a lot to say about this blouse, I just adore it. The lovely apple print is the same as this dress, just in a different color.

Wednesday, May 30th
For some reason, combining a gingham dress paired with a zebra print cardigan and floral wedges seem to work. Although I really should try to style it so that I don't look like a five-year-old.

Thursday, May 31st
It's finally warm enough to wear my gathered sundress, such a perfect garment for everyday. My only regret is that I had to adjust the fit while constructing it, and it shows. If I'll sew another one from this pattern I'll definitely work on a muslin for the bodice.

And I'm done!
I want to thank Zoe once again for hosting this very fun challenge and all the participants for the constant eye candy. Marie, Oona and Sallie : I'd really love to raid your wardrobes.

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Me Made May - Week 4

Friday, May 25th
After a very very hot train ride, I got home wanting to dress comfortable and to let my skin breathe. So excuse the flip flops, but it was hot!
I wore my Ginger skirt I made last year. I wore this skirt just a couple of times, I think I'm way too short waisted for a waistband that wide. But I love how it adds a nice touch of colour.

Saturday, May 26th
I was way overdressed in my Alice dress for the local market. Then again, I'm overdressed most of the time, and I like this dress so much that I don't care. This was the first time this dress came out of the wardrobe since last summer and I had forgotten that instead of hemming the lining, I had stitched this cute scalloped detail.

Sunday, May 27th
Hello, huge forehead! I often regret cutting my bangs, then I see a photo like this one and I remember I did the right thing. Anyway, I look like a mess in this photo because I felt that way. I barely rolled out of bed on Sunday, I felt sick and tired for no apparent reason. I wore my Salme Patterns pleated dress with a denim shirt. This dress is going on retirement until next fall, it's way too short for bare legs.

Me-Made-May 2012 - Week 3

Hello, everyone!
Last week the weather forgot that it's spring and it got cold and rainy once again. So, while I dream of wearing light dresses (like this one or this one), I'm stuck with more winter-y clothes. My outfits are not the most cheerful nor the most inspired this week; yet, here they are:

Thursday, May 17th
The blouse is my adored lace Banksia blouse that was never properly blogged, just worn here and here. This top always gets quite a few compliments and what cracks me up is that people tell me it looks expensive, when the fabric was probably the cheapest poly lace of the world.

Friday, May 18th
This is definitely my least favorite outfit so far (and I look like a villain in the second photo). I like my Baroque Darling Ranges dress, but after a whole day of sitting down studying and sewing, it looked like a hot mess. Very poor fabric choice. I had to crop the photos because the wrinkles at the bottom looked terrible. I also forgot to adjust my beautiful vintage duck printed scarf a bit, so it looks like a rag.

Saturday, May 19th
Saturday mornings I get up super early to go to the local market with my mother (it's our little tradition). Last saturday I woke up to a very cold and rainy day, so I wore my wool Beignet skirt (never blogged), my favorite wool cardigan and a colorful scarf (I have a small collection of vintage scarves). I love this skirt as much as my other version; this one is in a bit of a less cheerful color, but it goes with everything.

Me-Made-May 2012 - Week 2

Since I don't have a proper introduction for this post nor any words of wisdom to share like last week, let's start with the clothes.

Monday, May 7th
This dress was made in 2010 (pre-blog, but it was documented here) and I've worn it to death, both in summer and in winter. It was one of the first garments I made that I was really satisfied with. The pattern is Colette's Macaron and it's my favorite ever; I think I could live happily with a wardrobe full of Macaron dresses.
The gorgeous floral print is supposed to be a Valentino fabric I bought from this sweet (crazy) old lady who has a tiny fabric shop filled with treasures. I really should go and pay her a visit one of these days...

For all the Macaron pattern lovers out there, have you tried this pattern? I'm very tempted to...

Thursday, May 11th
I wore my Sencha from last summer; it's a garment I wear quite often, but this week I realised I always style it the same way. I should try and wear it with a skirt for a change.
If you're a busty lady like me, this blouse is perfect because it doesn't require a FBA, and it's super flattering for your curves. Also, the buttoned back is adorable and I really like how the capped sleeves look on me.

Friday, May 12th
This skirt is at least three years old and it's a bit unfair to call it me-made. It was made with the help of my mother when I was still learning to sew... It seems ages ago I was terrified by a zipper!
Anyway, it's a very simple skirt, with little pleats all around and I love its simplicity. I must admit that wearing it makes me question my tendency to always prefer complicated patterns...
Excuse the foot shot, but this was the first day warm enough to wear sandals and I was so happy to have my feet finally free to breathe! :)