Minerva Blogger Network: The "Dog Lover" Pajamas

Size: size 8.
Alterations: I only used elastic at the waist and no fabric tie belt; I added a bow at the center front.
Fabric: quilting cotton from Minerva Crafts (momentarily out of stock)

These PJs went live on Friday on Minerva, but I couldn't bring myself to blog about them until today.
You see, in a cruelly ironic turn of events, my dog passed away on Friday, which wasn't just the scheduled day to blog these pants, but also the day she had a vet appointment because she hadn't been feeling great lately.
I don't believe in coincidences, so I wonder what the F was up with that day...

Anyway, thank you SO MUCH to anyone who shared some kind words with me on social media, it really meant a lot. In my real life, not everyone understands how devastating it can be to lose a pet (lots of people thinking "it's just an animal"), so I was quite moved by how sweet you guys were.

Now, the pants. This is my November project for Minerva Blogger Network. I wanted something cozy and snuggly for the incoming cold weather, so I settled on PJs. And because I love quirky prints and I love dogs, this fabric was the perfect choice! The only problem is, I didn't notice this quilting cotton was sold by fat quarter, so the 2,5m of fabric you need for this project add up to quite the price.
If you want to make yourself a pair of PJs pants, I would recommend browsing the immense polycotton range at Minerva, there are some extremely cute, more affordable choices.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Strawberries - 2. Cupcakes - 3. Stars - 4. Polka dots
The pattern I used is once again from Sewaholic, the Tofino pants. It's a rather pricey pattern for PJs, but it's a good investment in my opinion, especially if you're not very experienced, as the instructions are really great. Not much else to say about it, as Pjs don't really require fitting at all.

I'm trying to convince the rest of the family to adopt a new dog as soon as possible... Cross your fingers for me!

Scallop fever #2: Scalloped hem shorts

I'm really neglecting my blog, but at least I'm back with something I love. Meet the first pair of pants I've ever made!
I found the pattern for these shorts a while ago and I finally took the time to sew them.
Shorts are really in fashion this summer but I never wear them because I hate my thighs, but the design of these little shorts really won me over. I'm still self conscious of my thighs, but I almost forget it when I wear them.

 The pattern is from Pattern Runway and Sarah, the owner of this lovely shop, has agreed to answer to some questions for my blog, so stay tuned if you want to know more.
I was very excited to try a pattern from an indipendent company and I must say I loved it! It was very simple to assemble, the instructions were great and I loved the construction methods, especially the welt pockets. I also really liked that the seam allowance is just 1 cm, so that you can avoid a lot of bulk.
The fit is good: I used size M for the waist and upsized to L for the hips. I still had to add two little darts to the waistband, but that's an adjustment I always have to make. My hips and bum are quite difficult to fit, and that's also the reason why I had never made pants before. There is still some pulling and creasing (the cheap fabric I used doesn't help), but I'm satisfied. I especially like to wear them with a long top that elongates my torso a little bit.
I leave you with some photos of the details, which I'm sure will be appreciated by the construction freaks (I know I'm not the only one). Feel free to ask any question below, if you have one!