Teddy Bear Parfait

For me, going back to a Colette pattern after sewing something else is like meeting a good old friend. I've never hidden my enthousiasm for Sarai's patterns, I guess you'll know it by now if you read my blog.

For my latest sewing project, I went back to the Parfait pattern (see my previous version here) and went from sundress to winter jumper dress. I share the love some bloggers feel for curdoroy (see here and here, among others) and chose this light warm brown (which seems orange in photos, but I swear it isn't). I'm very happy of the final result: it's warm and fuzzy, just like a teddy bear.

The only changes I made to the pattern: I cut heart shaped pockets (thanks Nette for the tutorial) and instead of an invisible zipper, I used a vintage inspired technique: a lapped zipper. I really like how it looks, so I think I'll use this technique more often.
And since today it's Christmas Eve... Merry Christmas, everyone! I'm going to spend tomorrow at my aunt's having our traditional family lunch and gaining a few kilos. Yum!

June challenge dress 1 - The "Parfait" Sundress

The "parfait" sundress, you know, because "parfait" means perfect in French... That was quite a lame play on words, uh? Hey, it's not easy to be funny in another language!
Anyway, let me introduce you one of the creations I'm most proud of: the Parfait dress from Colette. It's also my first finished garment for the June challenge.

I really think this is the perfect sundress: it's comfy while very flattering, I love the stripes and the  seersucker has a great consistency. It even has cute pockets!
It's actually not my first attempt at this pattern: I had tried it maybe two years ago but I made a terrible fabric choice (a silky material) and it ended up looking too much like a slip. Since then, the pattern rested in my box until I decided I had to give it another go... and it was a success!
I didn't make ANY modifications to the pattern and it fits like a glove. Don't you love when that happens? And I added soft pink buttons for extra cuteness.

I'm going to add the photos of this garment to the Flickr group of the June challenge. Check it out if you haven't already, there's some beautiful stuff there.
The second dress is almost ready, so hopefully you will see it by the end of this week.

The June challenge

Hello everyone! No, I'm not dead nor I disappeared on a tropical island... I'm just undergoing a stressful time with my university exams and sometimes blogging feels like too much distraction, so I took a little break from it. I'm looking forward to the half of July, when my exams will be over.

Anyway, a BIG thank you to everyone that commented on my Ginger skirt, you were all so kind! You also helped me figure out that I should shorten the skirt a couple cms to make it more wearable (although I haven't done this yet, ahem).

Today I have a little announcement, something exciting for this blog: I decided to participate to Stephanie's June Challenge which consists in creating four dresses in June. Yes, I'm VERY late (as usual, I might add), so to be realistic I might not make it and finish the last dress in the first week of July. I hope the other participants will forgive me, if that happens. I decided to take part to the challenge in order to keep myself productive: when I'm stressed, I tend to procrastinate a lot and to waste a bunch of time basically doing nothing. This is going to be a nice incentive to spend my free time more wisely and to do some sewing, which usually relaxes me a lot.

These are the dresses I chose:

♥ Dress 101 from Burda 02/2011
♥ Colette's Parfait
♥ Dress 128 from Burda 05/2011
♥ Dress 117 from Burda 05/2011

And these are the fabric choices I've already made:

A blue/greyish lightweight cotton for the first dress. I want to play a little bit with the stripes (you'll see).

More stripes! This is seersucker, I love its texture and the colour gives me a bit of nautical feel (yes please!).

That's it for now, but expect more soon; after all, I have quite a bit of catching up to do!