Plantain Babydoll Dress Variation

Size: size 38
Alterations: transformed the t-shirt into a dress with this tutorial
Fabric: mistery knits from my stash

Hey, guys!
Let's start the week with some news I'm really, REALLY excited about: guess who's going to write for the English version of the Deer and Doe blog? Oh, yeah!
I'm going to write some tutorials and explore some pattern variations, yay! My first project was a babydoll dress based on the (free!) Plantain pattern. You can read the tutorial here.

I've been wearing more and more loose clothes lately, so this dress fits perfectly in this new frame of mind. The low neckline and the fitted shoulders make it flattering and feminine, but the babydoll style means it's incredibly comfortable, and versatile too. I've been wearing this both in and outside the house, and it's perfect for both.

The version you see here was a test, made with some cheap knits with my stash, while for the dress you can see on the Deer and Doe blog I was lucky enough to work with some organic jersey from Les Trouvailles d'Amandine. Oh my goodness, that fabric puts to shame all the cheap stuff I've been working with, it's sooo soft, great both to wear and to work with. Not to mention, being quite the ecowarrior, I love the philosophy behind it.

Speaking of Plantain... Have you guys been working your own version? There just a few more days to enter the competition, so hurry up! :)

Taglia: taglia 38
Modifiche: ho trasformato la t-shirt in abito, come illustrato in questo tutorial.
Tessuto: due jersey dalla composizione sconosciuta dalla mia collezione.

Ciao a tutti e buon lunedì!
Vorrei cominciare la settimana con una notizia di cui sono felicissima: indovinate un po' chi scriverà per il blog inglese di Deer and Doe da ora in poi? Eggià!
Sarò l'autrice di qualche tutorial e mostrerò qualche variazione dei cartamodelli esistenti, e il mio primo progetto è un vestito basato sul modello (gratuito!) della t-shirt Plantain. Potete leggere il tutorial completo in inglese qui, e in francese qui.

Ultimamente ho iniziato ad indossare sempre più capi d'abbigliamento un po' più ampi, e questo abito in stile babydoll ricade perfettamente nella categoria. Lo scollo basso e le spalle aderenti lo rendono femminile, mentre la gonna ampia è estremamente comoda. Ho indossato quest'abito sia in casa che fuori, ed è perfetto per una moltitudine di circostanze.

La versione che vedete qui è una prova fatta con del jersey poco costoso che avevo in casa, mentre per la versione per il blog Deer and Doe ho avuto la fortuna di lavorare con del jersey bio di Les Trouvailles d'Amandine. Che stoffa fantastica, fa veramente impallidire il jersey da poco che ho utilizzato finora. E' morbidissima, un piacere sia da cucire che da indossare. Senza contare che, essendo io un po' un'eco-warrior, apprezzo molto la filosofia del suo negozio.

E a proposito di Plantain... State lavorando sulla vostra versione? Questi sono gli ultimi giorni per partecipare alla competizione, perciò sbrigatevi! :)

Deer&Doe Plantain t-shirt (free pattern)

Pattern: Plantain t-shirt by Deer and Doe
Size: size 38, graded up to a 40 at the waist
Alterations: for the striped version, the sleeve length is inbetween the short and the 3/4 length.

Fabric: a striped cotton jersey and an unidentified knit, both purchased locally.

Happy New Year, guys! I hope everyone is well and ready to resume regular life after the Holidays (I know I'm not).

Today I'm very happy to present to you Deer and Doe's latest fatigue: the Plantain t-shirt! Oh, and it's a free pattern, yay! I mean, who doesn't love a free pattern?

I love the story behind the creation of this pattern, simple but powerful: Eléonore "just" wanted to create the perfect t-shirt for her body shape, flattering but comfortable. You can read the whole thing here (yeah, the Deer and Doe blog is now in English too!).

I usually like my t-shirts a little more fitted at the waist, because I don't have a problem with my stomach area, but I must say this style feels a little more relaxed and forgiving, and I like it a lot.
The low neckline (but not too low) is extremely flattering on curvier ladies like myself.
For my first couple attempts at this pattern I went stash bustin'.
This striped cotton jersey was perfect for the job, but I had a very small piece of it, so my sleeves ended up mismatched. Did you notice before I told you? I don't mind the effect at all, in fact I think it's cute.

The only alteration I did was to lengthen the short sleeves (or shorten the 3/4 sleeves, as you prefer) to elbow length, which as I mentioned before, is the one I wear the most and find most flattering on me.
In this photo, it looks like I have a huge sway back adjustment to do, but it's really just a combination of the hem being caught in my jeans pockets and me standing more straight than usual for photos.

For my second attempt I used this mystery knit (I don't know the composition) which I'm not really sure why I bought. I was probably attracted by the bird print, but it's just too crazy for me. It will probably go to my mum or be worn as a pajama top.
Anyways, it served its purpose, which was to test the longer sleeves version... with elbow patches! Ah, those elbow patches... I want to add them to everything! I didn't follow the instructions and made them in a woven and it works fine. They're definitely easier to sew this way.

For construction, I used my serger and a twin needle, but this pattern is very beginner-friendly and includes tips for those who are unfamiliar with knits and might not have a serger.

I hope many of you are going to try this pattern, especially those who are still unfamiliar with Deer and Doe. I'm definitely going to sew many more of these and try a few variations as well!