Oh, Chloe!

I guess it's only fair that I start this post by apologizing for the photo overload. I finally managed to use the camera remote I bought a couple weeks ago, so I finally have photos where I'm actually in focus against a blurry background! I'm so happy about it that I had some trouble editing down.
The fact that I'm quite in love with the dress I'm wearing didn't help either. Did you recognize the pattern? It's the Chloe dress from Victory Patterns, which I've been dying to make ever since seeing Lizz's version.

I used some gabardine in this gorgeous shade of purple that really compliments my super pale skin. I had never worked with gabardine and this bastard was such a pain to press. It just won't lie flat (as you can see from the bumpy binding at the neckline and armholes) and press marks seem to magically appear everywhere, even using a press cloth.
I even managed to find purple flower shaped buttons. Aren't they adorable? I initially wanted black and white contrasting buttons, but when I saw these ones, I couldn't resist.

The fit of the pattern was... well, strange. I didn't make a muslin, so I fitted the dress before sewing the lining. For the second time in a row, I had issues with armscyes. They were so low! Luckily the problem was easily solved by shortening the shoulder seam. I also took the waist in a little, in order to make the dress more form-fitting.

Finally, a few detail shots: the welt pockets have a snap to keep them closed. And yes, the fabric I used for the pockets is not the same I used for the lining. The horror! My OCD self couldn't sleep at the thought, but I came to terms with that.
As you might have noticed, I opted for a lapped zipper at the center back. It's my favorite technique, I think it looks so elegant! And instead of an hook and eye at the top, I put a button with a thread button loop.

I had the confirmation this dress looks good on me when my mother, who is usually very supportive but hyper-critical about my sewing, told me that I should wear it at my graduation. Great! I still have to write my dissertation, but at least I already know what to wear at the ceremony!