I'm back! With a red skirt...

I'm back! With a red skirt...

Hullooooooo! Guess who's still alive?

Joking aside, I'm finally back with a post on my beloved, yet neglected blog, and I hope to be able to get back to posting at a more regular pace. Maybe not twice a week, but not disappearing for months on end either...

So, where have I been all this time?
Nowhere, really, it's just that real life has been extremely busy since... well, since last year. I just didn't have enough time, energy and motivation to spend on the blog.

The thing is, I started a professional pattern drafting class

 in February last year; I have to commute to attend, and I've been working two jobs to be able to afford it, AND my boyfriend and I have started remodeling his late grandma's house to eventually move in it together, so I've been pretty burn out in real life to entertain my virtual one.

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Red Front Tie Blouse

Last week's theme at the Sew Weekly was Red for Valentine's Day, and while I'm not a big fan of this holiday, I do love red. As you can read in my post, my plans for my creation crumbled and I found myself cutting and sewing this little blouse on Sunday morning.
For once, I was so focused and determinated that everything fell into place and the blouse came together perfectly in a few hours.

If you want to try this pattern (#118 B from Burda 2010/10), which I recommend for its semplicity, do bare in mind that the fit is very boxy. I like my tops to be form fitting and to cinch my waist, so I hate this blouse when it's not tucked in, but I find it works very well with high-waisted skirts.
Another thing I would modify is the front slit, which is very very low and needs to be well hidden by the tie if you don't want to flash your bra to everyone. You can make it at least 5 cm shorter.

A little trivia about the fabric I used: I couldn't find any red fabric in my stash, so I asked my mother if there was any around the house and she asked me: "Did you check the boxes in the cellar?". Apparently, our stash has become so big that there's not enough space for all of our fabrics in the house. 

Lady in Red

Hello everyone! Long time no see... I've been back home for almost a week, but for some reason I have avoided my blog until today.
At least I'm back with something nice to share: my latest summer dress! It's a cute sundress made in a very light red polka dot cotton. It's the Gathered Sundress pattern from Pattern Runway and I love it!
The princess seams of the bodice are very flattering, as well as the round neckline, and I just ADORE how the pockets are constructed, with a gathered edge and bias strip.

If you notice some horizontal puckers in the bodice, that's because I had some fitting issues. I was in a rush because I wanted to take the dress with me to the seaside, so I didn't make a muslin (when will I ever learn???). The bodice ended up being way too long for my bodice but I didn't realize it until the dress was finished, hemmed and all. So, what could I do? I simply pinched the straps together and sewed them 2 cm shorter. This made the dress shorter and a bit too snug under the arms, but luckily it's not uncomfortable at all.

I also had to add two small darts on the neckline because, once again, it was gaping. Can any of you suggest me some other modifications to make for a gaping neckline? I'd be extremely grateful!
The fabric is great, light and breathable for the very hot weather we have now here. I used some muslin as lining for the bodice and underlining for the skirt and pockets and I think it worked perfectly.

The pattern was great, easy to assemble and the instructions were very easy to follow, with very clear images. As I did with the Scalloped Hem Shorts, I can't recommend this pattern more.
If you like this dress and want to make it yourself, you can find a discount code for Pattern Runway in my previous post.