Did you know that there was a sewalong going on at Coletterie (Colette Patterns' blog)? I saw it before I left for my vacation and remembered it a few days ago. Having made the Rooibos dress once before, I decided to whip up another one in a couple of afternoons. I didn't have my first Rooibos with me (it's at my boyfriend's) but I thought I remembered that the fit was good, just a little loose around the waist.

I remembered wrong.

I ended up with this thing, tight around the bust and VERY loose around the waist, too flared at the bottom. I tried to savage it somehow, but the result is quite horrible and messy, as you can see. I know, it doesn't look THAT terrible in the photo, but trust me. There's a reason why I only put one image.
The cheap ugly blue fabric I used didn't help at all. Why did I think it was a good idea to buy this mistery blend that costed 2 euros per meter? I should have known it would look like crap, and it really does.
Plus, I'm starting to think that the tan flowery fabric I used for the contrast and the piping is haunted. I made a Violet blouse from it before and it looked terrible. It sits at the bottom of my wardrobe, waiting for the day I'll find the courage to throw it away.

But back to the Rooibos: for some reason, this ill fitting garment has really gotten me depressed. I want to take a pause from making dresses but I still want to figure out how to fit my body better.
As Sarah pointed out in the comments of my previous post (I'm really really sorry I didn't answer, by the way), I probably need to finally start to do FBAs on my patterns. After all, I have narrow shoulders and a relatively small torso and waist, but I'm very busty. If a pattern fits me around both the chest and the waist, I end up with a gaping neckline.
I need to study the hows and whys of FBAs, but luckily the online sewing community is full of resources. In the meantime, I'll keep myself busy with easier patterns and sewing some accessories, which I always enjoyed.
If you have any tips for me, they're more than welcome, as always!