Minerva Blogger Network: The "Dog Lover" Pajamas

Size: size 8.
Alterations: I only used elastic at the waist and no fabric tie belt; I added a bow at the center front.
Fabric: quilting cotton from Minerva Crafts (momentarily out of stock)

These PJs went live on Friday on Minerva, but I couldn't bring myself to blog about them until today.
You see, in a cruelly ironic turn of events, my dog passed away on Friday, which wasn't just the scheduled day to blog these pants, but also the day she had a vet appointment because she hadn't been feeling great lately.
I don't believe in coincidences, so I wonder what the F was up with that day...

Anyway, thank you SO MUCH to anyone who shared some kind words with me on social media, it really meant a lot. In my real life, not everyone understands how devastating it can be to lose a pet (lots of people thinking "it's just an animal"), so I was quite moved by how sweet you guys were.

Now, the pants. This is my November project for Minerva Blogger Network. I wanted something cozy and snuggly for the incoming cold weather, so I settled on PJs. And because I love quirky prints and I love dogs, this fabric was the perfect choice! The only problem is, I didn't notice this quilting cotton was sold by fat quarter, so the 2,5m of fabric you need for this project add up to quite the price.
If you want to make yourself a pair of PJs pants, I would recommend browsing the immense polycotton range at Minerva, there are some extremely cute, more affordable choices.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Strawberries - 2. Cupcakes - 3. Stars - 4. Polka dots
The pattern I used is once again from Sewaholic, the Tofino pants. It's a rather pricey pattern for PJs, but it's a good investment in my opinion, especially if you're not very experienced, as the instructions are really great. Not much else to say about it, as Pjs don't really require fitting at all.

I'm trying to convince the rest of the family to adopt a new dog as soon as possible... Cross your fingers for me!

Minerva Blogger Network : Wrap skirt and T-shirt

Look at me, I'm Minnie Mouse!
Eheh, I realized how cartoonish these two garments look together just when I was putting them together, but I'm not at all bothered by this. It's a three colours I wear a lot and can remix with plenty of stuff in my wardrobe, and I think they look very cute together.

You can find more details on this outfit in my post at Minerva Crafts, but these are a Sewaholic Renfrew t-shirt (in a size 6) and a Miette skirt by Tilly and the Buttons (you can see another one I made here).
I originally wanted to use the Cascade skirt pattern by Megan Nielsen, but I did a stupid mistake while cutting my fabric, so in came the Miette pattern to save the day. Whew! It was a real "make it work" moment in Project Runway style! And I'm really satisfied with how it tuned out.

Now, the only thing I'm not very happy about this look, is that it goes along a kit on sale at Minerva Crafts. I kinda bombed it this month... First of all, the red linen-look cotton I used for the skirt is too lightweight for October. It's gorgeous, but it's starting to be really cold here and I won't be really wearing this skirt for much longer. Secondly, I included too much fabric for the t-shirt. Unless you want to make a knit dress or multiple t-shirts, I can't really recommend this kit in good conscience, but the single components are great. You can find the polka dot jersey here, the linen here and the Vilene bias tape (that I used to reinforce the shoulder seams of the t-shirt and the back openings of the skirt) here.

I learnt a few things from these first 3 kits and I hope the next ones will be better.
Do you have any suggestions for me? Anything you'd like to see more of?

Minerva Blogger Network : Pinafore and blouse

This month's project for the Minerva Blogger Network is one I'm particularly proud of.

After salivating for months over the pinafores sold at Dahlia, I decided to recreate one for me, the Tripoli pinafore. It looks edgy and cool, a bit different from the cutesy, vintage inspired clothes I tend to make and wear most of the time.


Here's my inspiration.
Because I'm more short waisted and bustier than the model, the pinafore obviously looks a bit different on me, but I'm fine with that. It looks like a cage around my boobs, but what can I say? I still like that.

The patterns I used are the Pendrell blouse by Sewaholic for the blouse (view B without the seam ruffle) and the Chardon skirt by Deer and Doe for the pinafore. More details on the construction are in my post.

If you want to make this outfit for yourself (or something similar), the kit is for sale here. It contains 2m of cherry print fabric, 1,50m of cotton poplin fabric, a black 14" (35cm) silver metal zip and 4m of elastic. Otherwise, you can find the cherry print fabric here and the cotton poplin here.

While taking photos for my post, I also decided to have fun and show these two garments styled in a very different way, which is how I plan to wear day in my everyday life.
I think they're both very versatile and that they'll blend perfectly in my wardrobe, although I'm particularly excited about the pinafore. I can't wait to wear it with all kinds of different tops and colored tights!

Leopard print Pendrell blouse

This week at The Sew Weekly the theme was "collars" and you know I couldn't skip this one.
I finally got around to sew the Pendrell blouse I had previously planned and I'm very happy with the result.
As I wrote in my post, this blouse pattern from Sewaholic is extremely popular, so I don't think I need to write a detailed review on it. But I really, really loved working with it, which seems to be a recurrent feeling with Tasia's pattern. Right now I'd love to try the Alma blouse and the Thurlow trousers, but I'm saving up for other upcoming patterns.

I made view C and drafted a peter pan collar that stops at the shoulder seams, as I didn't want the bulk of a collar in the back. It is a size 6 with no alterations, just 10 cm shorter (the original lenght is a bit crazy, imo).
I used a leopard print silk georgette, which wasn't that difficult to work with and feels so luxurious against the skin.
I really like this blouse! I styled it with trousers because, well, you never see me with trousers and I thought I was a nice change, but it looks really cute with skirts as well. I'm sure I'll wear it a lot this winter.

And while I deserve a pat on the back for sticking to my plans, I'm afraid I'm not going to be as good with the rest of them (except the Macaron). I cut fabrics for three new garments yesterday, and none of them were planned. Oh, well...

"Tutti Frutti" Cambie dress

If you follow me on Instagram (come join the fun!) or on Twitter, you might have seen a sneak peek of this dress already. And you know I'm a bit on the fence about this dress.
But let me provide some background.
I was very excited when the Cambie dress pattern by Sewaholic came out, in fact it was the first time I really really liked one of Tasia's patterns, so I purchased it immediately.
Once the pattern was in my hands, I started scouting my fabric stash, looking for a good match, and my eyes fell on this crazy cotton with fruit printed all over it. When my mother saw me cut a dress from it she warned me: "I made a lot of tablecloths from that fabric, someone is probably going to stop you in town and ask you if you stole their linens".

But, of course, that didn't stop me. Once I set my mind on something, it takes more than that to make me change idea.
So, now the dress is done and I still don't know what I think about it. On one side, I'm amazed by the fit: I cut a size 4 for the bodice, grading up to a size 8 in the hips, with NO ALTERATIONS whatsoever, not even an FBA (I was SO happy about this). I think it looks quite flattering on me; it was designed for a pear-shape, after all. It's also very summery and cheerful and a much needed addition of colour to my wardrobe.
On the other side, the word "tablecloth" keeps flashing in my mind like a neon sign...
What do you think, readers? I need your opinion!

Finally, just a word about the pattern: amazing! As I said, the fit is spot on for me, the cap sleeves are very flattering and the instructions were great! The pockets are brilliant, too.
The only thing I changed was to install a lapped zipper instead of an invisible one (how original, I know).
Now I really want to make another one either in view B (with a fuller, gathered skirt) or with a straight neckline (or both, why not).