Wedding clutch

Last saturday I went to my cousin's wedding and while I originally wanted to sew a dress for myself, it didn't happen. I made a muslin of the Bombshell Dress (if you haven't taken Gertie's course yet, I highly recommend it), but there was A LOT of fitting to do and I didn't want to risk not to finish in time.
I also had a little meltdown, so I went to Zara and 5 minutes later I had a beautiful LBD with an exposed zipper in the back, some nice details at the waist and an overall 60s feel that was perfect for me.
The only thing I still needed was a clutch and I couldn't find one that I liked in any shop. There were a lot of plastic-y bags (supposed to look like leather) that costed at least 15 euro. Nonsense.
I still wanted something handmade since I knew all my relatives would have asked if the dress was a creation of mine, so I realized that a clutch was a perfect self made element to add to my outfit. Here's what I came up with:

A cute black ruffled clutch with a magnetic snap and a powder pink lining! I used the Victoria Clutch pattern but reduced the size to 90% of the original and I added a wrist strap and a pocket on the inside. I also made a little wallet and a tissue pouch to keep my stuff better organized.
I liked this clutch so much that I made two more to sell in my shop. They will be for sale soon.

Finally, I wanted to show you a simple yet elegant manicure: since I wasn't wearing any ring I accessorized my nails using a nude polish and two glitter polishes (one with chunky glitter and a finer one). Enjoy!