Blogging vs Vlogging | The Ultimate Comparison Between Blog and Vlog

The blogging vs Vlogging topic is one of the trending topics on every social platform. I still remember that time when Blogging was the only popular way to share thoughts, ideas, or opinions with others. After that when vlogging started placing their roots on the internet, everything changed suddenly. People are now getting attracted to vlogs so much and it gained immense popularity in a short time. These reasons led Blogging vs Vlogging to a confrontation that still exists.

Blogging and Vlogging both are now a medium of communication that uses different paths to communicate with their followers. Where bloggers express their feelings/thoughts/opinions with others by writing blogs. On the other hand, vloggers use video streaming platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc for the same purpose.

I know it sounds easy. Right!!!

Well, It definitely is and you really don’t have to go through any rocket science study to understand the blogging vs vlogging.

Blogging vs Vlogging: The Ultimate Comparision Guide

  1. What is a Blog? 
  2. What is a Vlog?
  3. What is the difference between a blog and a Vlog?
  4. What is the similarity between a Blog and a Vlog?
  5. Types of blogs and Vlogs?
  6. How to start a Blog?
  7. How to start a Vlog?
  8. What are the best apps for making Vlogs on mobile devices?
  9. Blogging vs Vlogging Money
  10. Which one is better between Blogging vs Vlogging?
  11. Can I make a Blog and Vlog together?
  12. What is the history of Blogging vs Vlogging?
  13. Is Vlogging going to replace Blogging in the future?
  14. Difference between a Blog and a Website?
  15. What is the difference between a Vlogger and YouTuber?
  16. Conclusion

This definitive guide gives you deep information about blogging vs vlogging and helps to choose your favorite passion. Let’s dig more into this conversation and starts from the basics.

What is a Blog?

Blog vs Vlog

A Blog can be a part of a website (sometimes shown as subdomains like ) or a complete website where the blogger shares tips, daily routines, or some ideas with texts.

Now bloggers also use images and infographics in the blog post to make the content attractive for the readers. 

It was a necessary step because without images sometimes its hard to understand a topic clearly.

Not for the users only, if you go through some SEO tips, then you’ll find that images add more value to the blog. Images also help a blog or website to gain ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, and more.

Definition of Vlog

Blogging vs Vlogging

A vlog simply refers to the Video blog or Video Log, in which the vlogger do the same activity as sharing daily life, ideas, or tips related to some topic with the help of videos. You can relate it to web television too because they both share similar characteristics. 

The increasing numbers of video streaming platforms (Vimeo, Instagram, YouTube) and ease of the internet are the main reason why vloggers gain immense popularity in a short time.

Also, the new generation vloggers don’t rely on other platforms and do vlogging on their personal websites.

8 Differences between Blogging vs Vlogging You Need to Know

difference between Blogging and Vlogging

Blogging and Vlogging both whirls around the quality content, but different needs and platforms occur some differences. Here some of the differences between Blogging and Vlogging you need to know before making a decision.

  • The Platforms Used By Bloggers and Vloggers

Whether we talk about Bloggers or Vloggers both used different platforms for communication with their adherents. A blog basically uses a website that purely based on text formats (sometimes a mixture of images, infographics, and even videos too). Where vlogs are dependents on the visuals and use video platforms for the same intentions.

  • Audience Engagement Strategy

For a blogger, his writing skills are everything to attract readers. Better writing skills bloggers acquire has better chances of getting high visitors traffic compared to low skill bloggers.

A vlogger attracts the audience with creative visuals. Also, better audio/voice quality is a plus point for the vloggers. Mainly making entertaining videos is the key motive of vloggers because nobody likes a boring video nowadays.

  • Older vs Newer Term

Blogs are introduced in the ’90s but became popular in the early 2000 years. It was the time when the Internet and technology were introduced to everyone.

On the other hand, vlogs were first introduced in 2004 when YouTube takes its places over the internet. If you compare the terms of age then the blog is relatively older compared to the vlogs. 

  • Budget to Start

Every Blogger and vlogger wants to make money online via blogging or vlogging with low efforts and capital.

In this process, the blogger needs a blog/website (for that blogger must-have purchase domain name and quality web hosting). After purchasing all the essential things now the bloggers have to mainly focus on his writing skills and divert traffic to its blog. 

A vlogger must have a good quality camera and voice recording equipment to start making vlogs.

If you carefully look then you will find that vlogging is costly compared to blogging.

For example, shared hosting from Hostgator costs $2.75/mo*. And, if you purchase its annual plan then you will get 1 domain name free for 1 year.

Where vlogging demands a quality camera and best audio recorder that will cost approx $1000.

  • Popularity Between Blogging vs Vlogging

There’s no doubt that blogs are very popular in the beginning because it is the only way to communicate and express feelings with others.

But after the introduction of the vlog, vlogs gained immense popularity. Because now anyone can simply make and upload a video on a video platform.

If we talk about popularity then there’s a tough fight for the majority between blogging vs vlogging.

  • Who’s in Trending

We all know that blog introduced first. But it was not that powerful as a vlog introduction. If we relatively compare both platforms then definitely vlogs are now on trending. So, the user’s increment of the vlogs is way much stronger then blogs nowadays.

  • Easy of Approach

Not everyone is fond of reading texts without any visuals because it’s somehow boring. Also, understanding a situation through the texts is kind of difficult but videos makes it simple.

  • Growth Terms in Blog and Vlog

Blogs need a decent time to show a better output. There’s no magic that you sprinkle on your article and it will bring thousands of visitors in a few days or weeks. But once your blog gets authority from search engines then the organic visitors become static.

Unlike blogging, in vlogging, there are no fixed rules of authority and quality content. It may take more than 2 years for your vlog to get a decent daily audience or can happen in a few days with viral videos.

8 Differences between Blogging vs Vlogging You Need to Know

similarities between blogging and vlogging

  • Main Motive is Increasing Audience

Why do bloggers and vloggers do so much hard work day and night regularly? The simplest answer is “To gain daily audiences on the higher scale”. Either we talk about blogging or vlogging, both need traffic for the motivation and of course making money with different ideas.

  • Internet Connectivity is Must

The Internet is now one of the most essential parts of our daily life that are also required on blogging and vlogging. Without the internet, a blogger can not post articles on blogs and the same concept applies to vloggers too. Unavailability of the Internet makes it impossible to upload a video on video platforms like YouTube.

  • Content is King

Content is King and that’s a fact for sure. You cannot simply rank your blog or video on relative platforms without quality content. In blogging, written content must be original and grammatical mistake-free. While in vlogging, the video must be worth watching and entertaining. 

  • Audience Interaction

Vlogger and Blogger both must know how to interact with the audiences. Better interaction with audiences can bring unlimited traffic to the blog or vlog in ephemeral time.

  • Influence Strategy

Influence means how well you are at diverting a person from one to another thing. The same concept applies to blogging or vlogging, where you have to drive traffic from one source to another.

  • Money Making Opportunities

Money making opportunity is another similarity that lies between blogging and vlogging. Both blogging and vlogging grants equal money earning opportunities and that’s a great reason why the young generation is attracting it.

  • Communication Platforms

A communication platform is a must whether you are interested in writing blogs or making vlogs. For example, a blogger needs a blog or a website for blogging. A vlogger needs a video platform like YouTube to upload videos and interact with the followers.

  • Paid Ads

Both Blog and Vlog allow the users to run Paid ads to get the traffic in the beginning. Paid Ads are very useful that bring traffic additionally through advertisements apart from organic traffic.

Types of Blogs and Most Profitable Blog Ideas That You Can Start in 2020

types of blog and vlog

Basically, Blogs are basically categorized into two different types which are Personal and Professional blogs. In Personal Blog (also known as diary-blog or online diary) a blogger shares daily life routine and other activities.

Where in Professional Blogs, Blogger only do blogging about a specific niche and share all things related to it. Food, Fashion, Lifestyle, Health, Technology, and other types of blogs are the best examples of professional blogs.

  • Diary Blog:

Diary Blog is also known as a personal blog where a blogger daily shares its regular activities on the blog. Some people also call it an online diary because it performs online rather than the actual diary. Personal Blog has a wide scope and for the reference, you can take the that has more than 10 Million monthly audiences.

  • Tech Blog:

Tech blogs are also another great choice to start blogging if you have a strong tech background. As we know that the world is now changing every day and almost every month a new technology introduced to the world. 

  • Health Blog:

Everyone wants a healthy life and that’s the reason why health blogs are a trending blog type. Food, Fitness, Body, and many more can be categorized inside this blog type. 

  • Fashion & Lifestyle Blog:

The fashion & Lifestyle niche is also very beneficial for new bloggers and contains millions of the audience worldwide. A blogger can start writing blogs in a regional or international fashion that totally depends on the blogger.

  • How to Blog:

How to blog is Another great choice for all bloggers who are seeking blogging ideas. In this blog, the blogger can cover almost all the categories of articles easily.

Types of Vlogs and Most Profitable Vlog Ideas That You Can Start in 2020

Same to Blogs, Vlogs are also categorized into two different types that are Personal and Professional vlogs. 

A Personal Vlogger (also known as diary vlog) shares its daily life routine and other activities by making videos and uploading it on the video platforms.

On the other hand, In Professional Vlogs, Vlogger make videos on a particular niche and share on different platforms. Hacks, Recipes, Fashion Tips, Health Tips, Science & Technology, and Entertainment vlogs are perfect examples of professional vlogs.

  • Diary Vlogs:

Diary Vlog or Personal Vlog is one of the most trending vlogging types that does not require much effort. In this vlog type, a vlogger just shares his daily life routine, thoughts, and feelings with the followers. If you are thinking that money-making opportunities are less in this type of blog then think again. PewDiePie is the perfect example of a Personal blog that has more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube.

  • Tech Vlogs:

You may see many unboxing videos or new gadget videos on YouTube where vloggers tell the features and specifications of a tech gadget. These videos are categorized into the tech vlogs. Currently, tech vlogs are on the trending because it includes a wide area of interest that is liked by the young generation. Technical Guruji is one of the best tech vloggers from India that only makes tech vlog in the Hindi language only.

  • Entertainment Vlogs:

Video streaming platforms are full of entertainment videos. Whether we talk about prank videos, Roasting videos, or some trending mimicry videos all come in the entertainment vlogs. With more than 40 Million subscribers, Prank vs Prank is the best example of why entertainment vlogs are a good choice to start.

  • Health and Fitness Vlogs:

Almost everyone once or twice searches for some health-related tips and fitness ideas over the search engine. The searches could be related to getting slimmer, gaining weight, or other beauty tips. That’s the reason for a new vlogger choosing health and fitness vlog, in the beginning, is a good idea.

  • Recipe Vlogs:

Do you want to learn easy new mouth-watering recipes? “Yes,” maybe many of you have chosen the same answer. Quick and Easy recipe vlog is easy to make and can make you popular quickly.

  • Gaming Vlogs:

Gaming vlogs another best choice for those vloggers who are hardcore gamers and can play games like a pro. In the Gaming vlog, a vlogger just has to stream games online. And your gameplay will automatically attract the audience towards your vlog.

How to start a blog?

In the Blogging vs Vlogging, now we have reached to how to start blogs in an easy way. Creating Blogs is way much easier than it sounds just like Vlogging.

But you can find some so-called experts that show blog is extremely tough and you can not start it by yourself.

Well, that’s just a myth, and here is the short and simplest guide that helps you to start a blog like a professional.

  1. The first thing you need to start a blog is hosting and domain. You can google some best and cheap web hosting around over the internet that offer web hosting at a cheap price. Also, most hosting companies offer 1 domain name free for 1 year, if you choose annual hosting plans.
  2. Now, you just have to install WordPress or any other CMS platform to start a blog. If you have purchased WordPress hosting then there is no need of installing WordPress because it comes preinstalled. Share hosting users can easily install WordPress by going into cPanel features.
  3. Once you installed the WordPress you just have to connect with the domain.
  4. In the end, you just have to install a blog theme and now can start blogging without any problem.

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How to start a vlog?

Just like the blog, vlogs are also pretty easy if you know your goal and how to chase it. Blogging vs vlogging also similar on the basis of ease of use. Here’s the best way you can start your own vlog without facing any problem.

  1. For vlogging, first, you need good equipment like a quality camera and obviously a sound recorder or mic.
  2. Now you have to create a channel on any video platform that you think will give a boost to your career. Currently, YouTube, Instagram, and Vimeo are the best choices if you are looking for a video platform.
  3. After purchasing equipment and making a channel, now you have to record your video in HD format. The reason behind the HD format because YouTube gives preference to the high-quality clips compared to the blurry clips.
  4. When you finish your video then watch it like a critic and find mistakes. If you think the video requires more finishing and editing then don’t waste your time and just go through this process.
  5. Add some catchy sounds so your audience won’t feel the boredom experience.
  6. Now upload the video on your channel and give it an attractive heading so the audience opens your video.
  7. Don’t forget to make an appealing thumbnail for your video.
  8. Now share your video with your friends and family and promote it for an extra boost.
  9. You have to follow the same process every time and become consistent.
  10. Once the audience starts visiting your videos and your channel fills basic requirements then you can monetize your channel and earn money.

Some Best Mobile Apps for Vlogging

Vlogging App

For beginner vloggers, who want to start vlogging, here are some best vlogging apps for mobile that can help you to edit videos like a pro. In these apps list, some of them are free and some are paid as well.

  1. Quick
  2. Inshot
  3. FilmoraGo
  4. Vizmato
  5. Kinemaster
  6. Vlogit
  7. Movavi
  8. VidLab
  9. Adobe Premiere Rush
  10. Magisto

Blogging vs Vlogging: Money Making Opportunities

Blog or Vlog money

If you have come this far to blogging vs vlogging topic then great applause to you.

Till now you have gained a lot of information about blogging vs vlogging topics.

Now we will talk about the most common purpose of “Money Making opportunities” because people either want to do blogging vs vlogging. 

To be honest, both blogging and vlogging offer the same earning opportunities to users.

Nowadays various things exist by which you can make handsome money either choosing a blog or vlog. Let’s discuss some best blogging vs vlogging money ways that can help you to earn good money online.

1. Adsense

Google AdSense is the most trusted earning platform powered by Google which is widely popular because of reliable income. Before joining the Google AdSense program, first, your blog or vlog must have to fulfill the basic requirements of the company. Once you have fulfilled the obligations, now you can insert ads on your platforms and earn money as per your daily traffic.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Unlike Google Adsense, affiliate marketing doesn’t require to fulfill any basic requirements to earn money with blogging vs vlogging. 

The best part about affiliate marketing, A vlogger or blogger can start affiliate marketing from the first day.

To start affiliation, first, you need to sign up for any trusted affiliate partner website. ShareASale, CJ Affiliation are some of the most popular affiliate networks where you can register your vlog or blog to get affiliate links. 

3. Influence Marketing

Influence Marketing is similar to affiliate marketing where a blogger or vlogger do the promotion of a product or service and earns money with it.

But influence marketing demands to a good amount of followers. So, before heading directly to influence marketing, first, you have to build the audience.

Blogging vs Vlogging: Which is better?

Above we had discussed the best blogging vs Vlogging money-making opportunities. So, probably you may be thinking that between blogging vs Vlogging, which one is better.

As per my experience, both blog and vlog provide you the same earning opportunities and you can choose any one as per your interest.

For the writing lovers, who know how to attract the audience with the writing skills, a blog is a good option.

But if you have extreme communication skills and you can easily communicate with the audience without being nervous then nothing is better than vlog for you.

Choosing one between blogging vs Vlogging is totally depends on your area of interest.

Can I Make Blog and Vlog Together?

Absolutely, there’s no doubt that you can start a blog and vlog together. Both platforms complement each other and also create higher possibilities of gaining traffic so do money earning opportunities.

You can start a blog on a niche and write some amazing articles related to it. After that, make videos on the same topic for brief understanding and upload on the videos platforms like YouTube. Now just embed the video with the blog and here’s the hybrid form of blog and vlog together.

Nowadays, many people follow the same concept and it’s perfect for beginners. So, you don’t have to think much about it and just go with this idea.

Is Vlogging going to replace Blogging in the future?

The chances of replacing Vlogging to blogging is very few because of several reasons and here are a few of them.

  1. Most people love reading rather than watching Videos.
  2. Words have emotions there’s no doubt. You can’t feel the same experience of reading books or articles while watching videos.
  3. Blogging is now improving itself time by time. The use of images and infographics in blogs is the perfect example that blogs are more interesting now.
  4. An amazing writer can easily crush any video with his writing skill and that’s a bitter truth which everyone knows.

With these facts, I can say that Vlogging is not overpowering blogging and there are very few possibilities that Vlogging will replace Blogging in the future.

Interesting History of Blogging vs Vlogging

Justin Hall was the creator of the first blog ( which was published in 1994. At that time, Justin Hall was just a student at Swarthmore College.

Many critics call it a personal homepage rather than calling it a blog. But it doesn’t take much time to introduce the next blog which was “Robot Wisdom”. This blog was introduced back in 1994 that was founded by John Berger (Ohio, United States).

Adam Kontras was the first vlogger ever who published his first video on the website owned by itself. In the same year, Adrian Miles posted a lyrical video and called it a video blog.

After that, a big filmmaker and musician Luuk Bouwman started his video diary or also known personal diary in 2002 as the name of

The first-ever video on YouTube was uploaded by the Imran in 2005 and the title was “Me at the Zoo”.

Important Queries Related To Blogging vs Vlogging

Q. What is the difference between blogs and websites?

A blog can be a part of a website or itself a complete website where bloggers update articles daily or frequently.

On the other hand, a website is mostly static in nature and doesn’t need regular post updates like a blog.

For example, a travel blogger needs to upload travel blogs frequently to bind the audience.

But the audiences on the website don’t come for blogs. They come for products and services that the website is offering.

A blog can be based on a specific niche or general niche. So there’s no specific hard and fast rule for a blog.

Where a website is based on a specific niche or intention. You cannot make a website with unfocused ideas.

For example, a blogger can make it blog on the general niche and can post articles related to health, tech, lifestyle, and many more.

Opposite this, the website cannot follow the same rule because it only creates confusion for the visitors.

Also, a blog can be a website but a website cannot be a blog. That’s the main difference between a blog and a website.

Q. What is the difference between a YouTuber and Vlogger?

difference between YouTuber and Vlogger

Basically, a YouTuber only posts their videos or clips on its YouTube channel. Before uploading videos directly over the YouTube, first YouTubers have to create a channel for it.

Where a blogger doesn’t need to stick with a single video platform and they have a wide variety of platforms available for the vlogging. Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion are some popular video platforms that mostly used by vlogging purposes. Also, vloggers can make and share videos on their personal websites which are definitely a huge advantage.


Blogging vs Vlogging is not that a crucial term that is hard to understand. In layman terms, both are a different way of communication by which bloggers or vloggers share their thoughts/views/feelings. Choosing one among blog vs vlog is totally depends on the person’s area of interest because you may regret later.

Also, we learned that both platforms have equal money-making opportunities which is really awesome. You need to understand one thing which is “Great things cannot be achieved easily and you must do hard work for it”.

Share your opinion about the Blogging vs Vlogging topic, which you are going to choose this year, and why?

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