Bluestacks 5: What’s New and How to Download Bluestacks 5 Free

BlueStacks 5 is going to release soon in almost all countries including Asia, Africa, Europe, and others.  When it will be live users can download Bluestacks 5 from officials or here too. But till now there are is only Bluestacks 4 versions available on the internet.

According to the gamers community, Bluestacks 5 is going to grants more features than before. Just like the previous one, Bluestacks 5 download for pc available free (without any cost). After installing the software you can play Modern Combat 5 and GTA 5 on Bluestacks 5. Here are some of the features that will be available on the latest version of Bluestacks

  1. Play unlimited android games like Modern Combat 5, GTA 5, Final Fantasy, and more on your Computer, Laptop, or Tablet. 
  2. Switch easily on gaming mode so you won’t be disturbed by Phone calls or Messages while streaming online games.
  3. BlueStacks 5 supports PC very smoothly so even you don’t have a phone you can play games on PC  without tension.
  4. It offers you a better gaming experience by increasing your gaming screen than phone.
  5. The multi-tasking feature will still entertain you and help you in different ways on BlueStacks.
  6. Play your favorite games with keyboard and mouse or use touch screen controls to increase the fun.

Why BlueStacks 5 will take over all other previous versions?

Currently, BlueStacks 4 is the upgraded version of the BlueStacks but it has some major and minor issues that will be removed in BlueStacks 5. Some of the minor issues are currently already fixed in this version but still not all of them. Some users are also facing most of these that will be removed in Bluestacks 5.

download Bluestacks 5 free

  • Lagging Issue

Everyone knows that BlueStacks requires a high configuration system that easily slows down the computer and then it starts lagging. Heavy games like GTA V or Pubg can definitely experience you a nightmare while playing it. For example, when you play a 4GB ram game on 2GB PC using Bluestacks then it will lag like hell.

In Bluestacks 5 download for free, the developers are thinking about inserting a light mode. This feature will help gamers to play quality games on PC in low graphics which definitely be the biggest help for many gamers.

  • No More Requirement For Graphics Card

Graphic cards are one of the most essential parts of a gaming system that offers a smooth gaming experience. In Bluestacks you must own a graphic card and without it, enjoy gaming at great experience will be null. A good graphic card will cost you much and not everybody can afford this easily.

After looking at this, the developers are thinking to make lower graphics options where you can play games without graphic cards.

  • Easy Controls

In previous versions of Bluestacks, many users have complained about controlling issues in some games. Millions of queries are pending on discord, quora, and many other platforms related to controlling issues on Bluestacks.

The controlling bug issue is already fixed for many devices and now only rare of the devices left. The next update Bluestacks 5 will remove this issue permanently.

  • Support Every Android Application  

One of the major issues that are going to resolve in BlueStacks 5, universal application support. Previous versions of the Bluestacks are not very supportive and only support upto 70-80% of the applications. In the latest version of Bluestacks, you can easily enjoy almost every application. Also, users can play high size or low size games without facing any problem.

  • Cloud Sharing Feature

If you want to play a game on your PC which is currently on your phone then you have to download it again on Bluestacks. This is really frustrating because high size games take a lot of time and data.

Thinks you have downloaded a 6GB game on your phone and now you have to download it again on PC.

In Bluestacks 5, developers must add a Cloud Sharing option that wil allows users to share the data with a Mobile phone. After this users won’t have to download games and can play directly without wasting time.

  • Some Special Features

An old phrase “The older you get more replacements are ready to take your place” perfectly suits here. Because now many new application programs are thinking to take over the Bluestacks. Various new alternative platforms of BlueStacks are available over the internet that can replace the positions anytime. 

In BlueStacks 5 developers must add some new features that increase gamer’s experience than before. Game booster, DND Mode, and Lower graphic mode are really good features to add to BlueStacks 5. 

How to download Bluestacks 5 for PC at free cost?

Download Bluestacks 5 at the official site by following this link click here. By clicking this link Blustacks 5 download directly on your PC, after that, you have to simply run on PC. If you are currently facing any problem related current version then read this support guide.

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