How To Find A Great WordPress Developer For Your Project

If you are wondering of building an online presence for your business then it is a very good chance to kick start. Good looking and nicely functional website will help you to stand out from the crowd. WordPress Themes is one of the best features provided by WordPress that helps you to convert your dream into a reality as it is furnished with tons of options. Themes are made available for the users so that they can create a WordPress website without any problems and without understanding the technical stuff, then why would you require a WP developer to do a website improvement task? Let us discuss more in details. 

Why do you need a good WordPress developer?

On the web, you will locate that WordPress is the coolest CMS as evaluate to others due to the fact WordPress is very convenient to create and straightforward to use. Just 4-5 minutes are required for the whole theme set up process. However, to get a wholly personalized website, you need the right WordPress developers so that they can provide you assistance to accomplish your fantasies.

Your website needs so much customization, in addition to only plugin and theme installations. For example, you need to extend safety protocol, SEO troubleshooting and optimized the website for good speed and performance.

If you do not belong to the technical field, these customization methods will be challenging for you. The alternate method to make it possible is to study the code.

Let us clear one thing that, learning code in a few days is no longer a feasible option unless you perform it practically. Neither you can be a specialist WordPress developer within some days of training. To get your task done, you need the assistance of someone who is skilled in this platform and knows the programming language very well.

How to Choose a Good WordPress Developer?

let us first see how WordPress works and then we will talk about the place we can discover the right WordPress developer.

WordPress is an open-source platform that is preferred by the majority of humans using the web today. WordPress is effortless to study and manage but a little difficult to get master.

With very simple computer understanding you might be in a position to set up free WordPress themes, add plugins, personalize the appearance of a website, and run troubleshoots, due to the fact this task is less complicated.

However, the most important phase is to optimizing your website for the best performance to get extra clients and result on top of the search engines. Therefore you need to hire a WordPress developer to get assistance in some unique task. 

To appoint a developer you need to be conscious of what matters you are hiring a developer and what are the abilities that he/she ought to be regarded too.

WordPress is a pack of CSS, HTML, and PHP. So these are the very simple skill that are must required, some skills of javascript is additionally a must. With these primary skills, you can take your website to the extreme level. 

Few matters are listed below that needs to be considered earlier than hiring any developer or designer

Firstly determine whether you are searching for a person for designing tasks, developing tasks or both?

This is important because not every experienced person will have complete knowledge of designing and development. Design of PSD will be the task of the designer whereas developing a website or a theme, same as psd would be the task of the developer.

You can split this project into two different parts or stages. The first stage would be designing and other would-be development. This will help you to discover a person who has similar expertise. Once the designing task is done it can be forwarded to the developer to proceed further. 

While the development process, make sure you have furnished complete details to developers that what kind of functionality you are in need of your website. Look and feel of your website is very much important that is why you need to give a clear idea about it to the person you are hiring

Best places to hire WordPress developers

If you are searching for a WordPress developer to complete some specific task then you are the fortunate one. WordPress is the most widespread platform which has hundreds and thousands of humans who are presenting WordPress website development and designing services. Every individual has exclusive skillsets and experiences. Based on these factors you need to select developers that satisfy your needs. To get some tasks done, you do not require to employ a full-time developer or designer. It would be great to employ anybody who fees hourly or fixed costs. Finding a freelance developer will be very handy due to the fact you will be in a position to pick a person as per your necessities and expertise.

The excellent region to hire WordPress designer or developer are 


Among all other freelancing platforms, Upwork has received more recognition in terms of fee safety and identification proofs. Therefore work is considered to be more trustworthy than any other platform.

do you need a good WordPress developer

Upwork is a freelance platform which is accessible online that allows you to recruit a person or apply for the job as per your preferences and selections. The process of hiring freelancers is very easy. 

You simply need to fill the form with the required details and job specs and need to wait for freelancers to apply. Just after posting the job, more than 80% of recruiters have found appropriate candidates within 24 hours. 

You just need to specify your necessities clearly for instance the capabilities required, availability, languages, quotes, and mastery. You also have an option of whether you will accept the hourly contract or a constant price. 

Upwork has all levels of developers with huge experience and high skills. This means you will be able to find people who are capable of doing tasks in lower budgets and higher budgets. 


Freelancers is also another great platform where you can find people to complete the task within your budget. For suitable freelancers, you will be able to post your job with proper specifications. Freelancers is safe for online payment, easy to use, and higher in capacities. With a lower price, you will be able to find experienced skilled people. 

hire WordPress developers

You just need to signup, post your requirements and wait for some time to accept proposals from the correct freelancer. Once your work is delivered you can release the payments. This is the simple process of working with freelancers. Just you have to make sure you have chosen the correct project type and correct freelancer to get your job done. Make sure to not ask for the free work via this platform.

WordPress Jobs

There is no better place then WordPress jobs platform to add your requirements to hire dedicated WordPress developer. On this platform, you can post your jobs easily and you will be able to find the most suitable candidate without any hassle. 

Not all people will trust the authenticity of the job or will not trust on payment process because it is basically a community job board. But still, it is one of the best platforms to post jobs for WordPress.

More and more WordPress developers visit this platform but its community board makes the task difficult of hiring proper candidates.  

The job posting in WordPress jobs is free of cost which means you do not need to pay extra for creating an account. You can also add your email ID to the received proposal or can post the link to apply for the position.

If you are looking for a platform that will provide the fastest and most accurate applicants then codable is for you. In this platform, you will find the bestest freelancer developers from all over the world. By hiring a developer from this platform you can make sure that you have hired the right developer to make your task done. 

discover the right WordPress developer

In this platform, you will find that people are looking for only WordPress freelancer jobs. You just need to signup, add your specifications, add details on your projects, and find the most accurate person suitable to your job requirement, pay them, and leave a review at the end. That’s all this is the simplest process of hiring developers through codeable. 

Envato Studio

Another best platform to hire WordPress developer and designers are Envato studio. Envato’s creative community is always ready to serve your needs.

Best places to hire WordPress developers

This platform is very easy to use. Even if you are a non-techie person that also you can hire developers from this platform very easily. The search bar option is given on the homepage where you just need to enter your query for example “app developer” and hit the search button. The result would get appear. Now you can apply the filter by specifying the category, price, turnaround, location, and relevance. As per the task you can order service. You can also check their client’s reviews. 

Wrapping Up the hunt for a Good WordPress Developer

We hope this blog will help you with proper guidelines to hire a great WordPress developer for your next projects.

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