3 Reasons Why Quality Web Hosting is Important for SEO

These days, business owners focus too much on making their websites more aesthetically pleasing. But, no matter how much you spend on your website’s UI (User Interface), your design isn’t worth a penny if your website is not being found.

Content is king, no doubt, but you cannot completely ignore the optimization of your site’s backend. And, web hosting is a good place to start with that.

As someone who has been in the hosting industry for more than a decade, I feel that businesses often overlook the quality web hosting. Web hosting is a crucial factor in SEO, I would say, given that it directly or indirectly impacts your site rankings.

3 Reasons to Choose Quality Web Hosting Today

In this piece, I will present before you three arguments that prove that the quality of your web host is just as important as any other SEO strategy.

Uptime Availability

Ever wondered why every other web hosting company has a 99.99% uptime callout on its home page?

There is a good reason for these web hosts to do that.

First, the quality of your hosting service determines how accessible your site is in real-time. Thus, a web host that claims 99.99% uptime availability means that websites hosted on its servers are down for less than 0.01% of the total service duration.

Second, uptime is a key determinant of SEO rankings and can drastically impact your position in SERP (search engine results page).

If your website is accessible round the clock, and especially when search engines crawl it, you are ten times more likely to have your SEO rankings boosted.

Site Loading Speed

Google has continued making substantial changes in its search algorithms and site loading speed is one of the key things Google has its eyes on.

The internet is a competitive marketplace, per se. It is now more competitive than it has been in ages. Site visitors aren’t willing to wait so much as a second for a website to load.

While a fast website might not necessarily jump to page one, a slow loading website will move down several pages in SERP.

Technically, you cannot do much to make your websites load faster. Although you can control some aspects of your websites, a large part of your website’s speed depends upon your host.

IP Location

The physical location of your server can make or break your rankings in the local search results. Search engines prefer websites that are native to the country or region where the search is made.

It means, when you make a search, Google is likely to rank those websites that are hosted in the nearby data center. The ideology here is the nearer the business, the more accessible and relevant it is.

Try to find a quality host that has data centers in the country where you are planning to rank your website. The closer you are to a searcher, the faster your page contents will load; and the farther you are from the end-user, the slower your website will be.


The quality of web host is the most overlooked and undermined aspect of web hosting. Often in the pursuit of cheap hosting service, businesses tend to disregard the importance of web host and pay in the long run. But with the arguments stated above, I hope you make an informed decision henceforth.

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