5 Most Scary Places in Delhi You Shouldn’t Visit at Night

Searching for some scary places in Delhi then we will help you to figure it out. There are a number of haunted places that you have never heard. If you are in Delhi or planning a trip then you must have to plan for visiting a horror place with your friend circle. It will be scary but exciting too. But visitors, it is a special warning to you that if you are faint-hearted then you should not go to these places. So here I am going to give you the top 10 list of horror Places in Delhi. 

Most Scary Places in Delhi to Face Horrific Experience 

Below is the list of most famous and scary places in Delhi that you must try at once in your life for adventure. So here we go- 

Delhi Cantonment

Delhi Cantonment is one of the most scary and horror places in Delhi. At this pace you will face that a lady in white saree comes to you and asks for a lift and you will get freaked out to the hilt and rev up your engine & you will figure that the same pristine white is racing abreast of your vehicle quite comfortably. So exactly this will happen to you. It doesn’t sound that scary but yes it is. The woman in white saree is called a ghost lady. So it will be an adventure place but one of the most horrible also. So visitors you’d better be sitting inside a vehicle whose engine can easily outpace that figure while venturing there.

Lothian Cemetery

It is located half a kilometer away from the Kashmiri Gate. It is a British era Christian burial Ground. The story behind that haunted place is that there is a rumor of a headless soldier that has died for his love relationship. On a New Moon night, it is said that the ghost roams all around the place, looking for his lost(unrequited love). It is one of the most popular haunted places in Delhi. So if you are planning to visit any haunted place then you can also consider this place. 

Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station

Dwarka metro station is one of the most peaceful and delicious street food places in Delhi. From the outside of the metro station some people face a barrage of negative energy that suddenly thrust upon them. After feeling that vibes all of a sudden the paranormal sight of a woman appeared in front of a person. There is a rumor that at night the place gets surrounded by the spirits. There are a number of people that face and feel negative vibes and get scared of that place. If you are not believing these rumors or want to face this then you can visit Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station at night. 

Greater Kailash

Greater Kailash is very famous for its most scary infrastructure. It is said that an elderly helpless couple murdered ruthlessly in their house. And after that they both become ghosts to reclaim their house. Local people of that area feel a very scary voice by passing from that way. It is also said that at night there is some laughing voice that has been catched from their house. You must have visited this place to get a Bollywood horror movie experience. It is the story that we always hear in any horror movie but if you want to get real experience then visit this place at once in your life. 

Khooni Nadi- In Rohini

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Khooni Nadi as a name gives a goosebump. It is the place in Rohini where there is a Nadi that sucks the person inside it when anyone dares to go inside of the water. There is no story recited behind this haunted place but yes this is considered one of the scariest places in the Rohini. This Nadi will suck anybody who wants to enter under the water. There are a number of people who dares to do this and lose their life. So if you love your life then do not try to do this. And if you are visiting this place then make sure that you are not going alone. 


Delhi is well known for the most beautiful visiting places but apart from that it also has the places that have a very bad history and become one of the scary places of Delhi. Above are some of the most haunted places in Delhi. I will definitely suggest you to not go alone at these places. If you want to visit such horror places in delhi for adventure then do visit but do not try to go alone. And one more thing if you are faint-hearted then do not visit these places ever in your life. It does not sound that scary but in reality, it is damn scary.

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