10 Incredible Things to Put on Your Website

If you have a website or you are planning to build a new one for your venture, then it is important to know what important items to include on your website so the visitors get a positive experience. 

A great website not only attracts visitors but also persuades them to stay on the website for a longer period so that they can be convinced to do an action you want them to do.

Moreover, by integrating the right things on your website, you will get various benefits like target new markets, increase your brand presence, grow your sales, etc. 

However, to achieve all the above benefits for your business, you should continuously look after current web development trends in the market and integrate new features & functionalities accordingly.

As of now, here in this post, we will walk you through the 10 essential elements that you can consider putting on your website.

So, let’s get started:

10 important elements in a website to attract and retain more visitors 

Amazing visual design

We are visually oriented, and if you wish to appeal to the sensibility of the visitors then you should incorporate great graphics in your website. Research has shown that a website has 1/10 of a second to create a positive impact on the mind of a visitor. In this small time, you have to convince them that your business is trustworthy and professional. The best way to do this in such a short period is through a well-designed and visually attractive design. However, we advise that you should not overdo when trying to incorporate the latest graphics, animations, and other visual tools. The focus of your website should be on the essentials.

Superior content to create brand authority

Good content that is tailored for specific viewers helps establish your brand authority. Also, content plays an important role in improving the ranking of your website in the first place that will result in more traffic. Try to keep the content easy to read, concise and informative.

Greater interaction

You can call your website amazing if it can engage the visitors and can hold their attention to every page and influence them to contact you (conversion!). When you are making your website interactive (through several prompts that require the visitor to give some form of feedback) make sure that it is enjoyable otherwise the visitor may find the experience irritating.

Using AR and AI for product display

Artificial intelligence can be used along with virtual reality to engage the attention of the viewer who visits your site. If you are a retailer, then you can use virtual reality to give the viewer a guided virtual tour of all the items that you are selling through your website along with their description. This will improve the user experience manifold and attract them to come back again to relive the experience and buy the product they want in such an interesting way online.

Superior intuitiveness

You must design your website in such a way that it anticipates what your visitor is thinking so that it can fulfil their needs. For example, if the visitor is researching for one of your products on the search engine where your website is listed, then the website should have a landing page that is related to the search. If you force them to browse through all the information on your website to get the information they are seeking, then they may be frustrated and you may lose a potential customer.

Greater social media integration

If you want to reach out to your target audience in a more personalised way then integrating social media with your website is a great way to do it. Social media also helps your customers to share their review of your products and services with their friends. Such integration with social media like Google+, Instagram, and Facebook is very profitable for the B2B niche.

Interview industry thought leaders

If your business is related to technology, education, or any other services where knowledge is a premium, you should have a segment wherein experts in your field will talk about their experience, inform the viewers about new research and others. Publishing such an interview on your website will increase your credibility and improve the traffic to your website.

Incorporating video

Text alone cannot attract or hold the attention of the viewer and you need videos and images on your landing page to boost the conversion rate. Make sure that you use only scalable images so that the user can view high-quality images and videos both on their laptop as well as on smartphones. This will greatly improve the user’s experience resulting in more interest in your website that can then lead to conversion.

Use bright colours and design

Colours play an important role in improving the aesthetic of the website and make it look attractive. Try to pick a foundation colour that you will use in all the webpages and then choose a contrasting colour for the important buttons or other interface items. Colours can create different moods that are very helpful to engage the customer and prompt them to do an action that you desire.

Make your website mobile-friendly

You must make your website mobile-friendly. As most people are using their smartphone to buy something online, it is more likely that someone visiting your website for the first time may be doing it through their smartphone. If they find their mobile experience negative, then you have just lost a potential customer. Make sure that your website has a responsive design that translates well on small screens of smartphones.


You can pick and choose these 10 elements to figure out which ones work the best for your website. However, we suggest that you apply all the 10 elements that we have shared with you in this article to increase traffic and engage people more effectively that will lead to a higher conversion rate quite naturally.

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